Box Tops and Labels for Education

Boxtops for Education
  • Thank you for your interest in helping your Lacy PTA earn lots of FREE MONEY, which is used toward the purchase of computers, science and physical education equipment, and educational programming for all of our students. YOU can earn this money for the PTA in the following ways:
    1.  Clipping all Boxtops, Labels for Education, and Tyson Project A+ Labels from products you already purchase.

    2. Asking grandparents, neighbors, etc. to also clip Boxtops, Labels for Education, and Tyson Project A+ Labels for you.

    3. Registering yourself as a Boxtops member so that when you shop online, if you first go through the Boxtops Marketplace website, you earn free eBoxtops money for Lacy.

    4. Relinking your Harris Teeter VIC card to Lacy at the HT Customer Service desk. Lacy’s school ID is 2895. VIC cards must be relinked every August to continue to earn money for Lacy.

    5. Linking your Food Lion MVP Rewards card to Lacy. Go to the Food Lion Rewards site and enter Lacy’s school code, 213506.

    Useful Links

    • Letter to Family and Neighbors

    • List of ALL Boxtops Participating Products

    • Labels for Education Participating Products
      You do not need to submit the whole label, but at least 51% of the UPC code needs to be submitted (i.e., it is still a valid submission even if almost half of the UPC gets ripped off as you unpeel it from the product). Solely a clipping of the Campbell’s Soup kid or the Labels for Education logo is not a valid submission.

    • Tyson Project A+ Participating Products
      When clipping Tyson Project A+ Labels, make sure to include the Tyson Project A+ logo in addition to the Support Your School 1-2-3. Each label is worth $0.24 for Lacy!

    • Boxtops Marketplace Registration and Online Merchants
      You would be amazed how many merchants there are, including Shutterfly, Snapfish, Target, Macy’s, Sears, JCPenney, Apple Store, Gap, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, iTunes, Lands End, Lego, Linens and Things…just to name a handful of the many, many merchants! In order to earn free money for Lacy from your online shopping, you simply register as a Boxtops member. Then before you make an online purchase, go to the Boxtops Marketplace website first. (You can bookmark their website to make shopping through them easier.) Then click on the vendor from whom you wish to make a purchase. Everything, including pricing, on the website is exactly the same as it would be if you had gone directly to their website. All the same coupons, promotion codes, etc. work just the same. Within 5 days after your purchases, you will receive a thank you email from Boxtops for Education for your eBoxtops earnings.

    • Boxtops Collection Sheets
      These collection sheets can be printed out at home, if it is helpful to you in your collection. Another way you can make it easier for us to count Boxtops is grouping them in baggies of 50, and labeling these as such. Make sure to write your child’s and teacher’s names on your submissions, so that it counts toward our contest winnings. But the bottom line is that WE JUST WANT LOTS OF BOXTOPS FROM YOU, any way they come to us!

    • Labels for Education 1-Point Collection Sheet
      You can print out this sheet if it is helpful in your collection. Only the 1-point Labels (which account for the majority of Labels) should be affixed to this; 5-pt and greater Labels should be submitted separately.