Logisitics Academy Log
  • The Logistics Academy (LA) engages students in a project-based curriculum.   Students remain together throughout their high school years with a core group of teachers.  The Academy model provides an environment for these teachers to develop interdisciplinary activities that make learning relevant and capture the interest of students.  In addition to their coursework, academy students participate in a series of work-based learning opportunities such as business tours, job shadowing, career events, and an internship, just to name a few.

  • 9th Grade Curriculum

  • 10th Grade Curriculum

  • 11th Grade Curriculum

  • 12th Grade Curriculum

  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management (SCM) plays a significant role in the global economy and can make or break any business which makes career exploration in this industry a perfect addition to your High School Experience. Careers interconnect components such as:

    • Business Planning and Organizing
    • Production Management
    • Procurement Management
    • Logistics Management
    • Warehousing Management
    • Customer Service Management
  • Optional Concentrators: In addition to the required Logistics Academy electives, students should select one additional CTE Pathway as a concentrator to further enhance their career exploration experience:

    Marketing Concentration
    Course Requirements

    • Marketing (Academy Elective)
    • Marketing Applications

    Management Concentration
    Course Requirements  

    • Business Essentials
    • Business Management I
    • Business Management II

    Entrepreneurship Concentration
    Course Requirements 

    • Entrepreneurship I
    • Entrepreneurship II

    Data Science Concentration (Coming Soon)
    Course Requirements 

    • Microsoft Excel (Academy Elective)
    • Introduction to Data Science (Academy Elective)
    • SAS Base Programming