Frequently Asked Questions

Logisitics Academy Log
  • Q. Who may apply?

    Rising Ninth (9th) grade students may apply to the Academy.  

    Q. What if my student doesn't know what "Logistics Is"?

    Don't worry, most students have never heard the word, but "logistics" is a part of every business, regardless of industry or specialization. This makes our Academy unique and applicable to every career interest of every student enrolled at South Garner HS. 

    Q. Will my student still have regular High School Experience?

    Participants will have an opportunity to participate in normal High School activities including extra-curricular activities, clubs, and a selection of electives to continue to explore and enhance their educational journey. 

    Q. Can my student take Honors or AP classes? 

    Participants are not restricted from taking Honors or AP classes. Students will be placed in courses based on their recommended level and available seats. Some Academy courses may hold Honors weight, but students taking AP courses are not guaranteed an Academy cohort class.