• Logistics Academy

    The Logistics Academy is a small learning community within South Garner High school. Designed as a four-year-high school program, the Academy has an open and equitable student recruitment process that results in a student body that reflects the demographics of the school community. However, students must be assigned to South Garner HS as their base school in order to apply. Once accepted into the program, students remain together throughout their high school years with a core group of specially trained teachers.  The Academy model provides an environment for these teachers to develop interdisciplinary activities that make learning relevant and capture the interest of students.  Through real-world, hands-on experiences, the Academy exposes students to a variety of careers.  

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    Currently, Accepting Applications for the 2024 - 2025 School Year! 

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  • Career Academies

    Career academies are smaller learning communities that focus on a career theme and are integrated into students’ studies, including their core curriculum courses. Each year, the same group (cohort) of academy students takes a Career and Technical Education course aligned with the career theme and one or more core classes together. This school-within-a-school model may be either a three- or four-year academy.

    Each academy student participates in work-based learning activities, such as job shadowing, career fairs, career-themed industry tours, and internships. Academy students are prepared to participate in these experiences through their cohort academy courses. Each academy student must do an internship related to the academy theme between the junior and senior years. The internship will be for 120 hours.


    What are the Benefits of a Career Academy?

    The South Garner High School Logistics Career Academy will allow students to learn in a collaborative manner while enhancing and enriching the existing curriculum through integrated projects and a rich technological environment.

    Our academy students have the potential to move on to careers that involve analyzing and coordinating an organization’s system that moves a product from supplier to consumer. Managing the entire life cycle of a product, which includes how a product is acquired, distributed, allocated, and delivered.

    The South Garner High School Logistics Career Academy provides students access to:

    • Integrated learning environments
    • A wide variety of technological resources
    • Business and industry expertise through:
      • Presentations, demonstrations, and seminars
      • Field trips
      • Job shadowing
      • Mentoring
      • Internships

    The business involvement and work experience in the logistics and supply chain management industry will set students apart from other job or college applicants. 


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Kandra Gardner
Career Academy Coordinator