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  • What is an Internship?

    An internship is an experience in which a high school student takes a responsible role as a worker in a company or organization and then reflects on the experience. Internships are for juniors and seniors and must be at least 120 hours. Students will earn a credit (1) for the internship. Students may earn up to a maximum of (2) internship credits. Honors credit is available. Interested students should work with their counselor and internship coordinator to begin the application process. 

    How to apply for an internship:
    1. First, determine the area in which you would like to complete an internship. If you are not sure about an area, you may want to complete one or more career assessments to help guide you to an area. For an assessment, see the "Career Planning" page within the HHS Career Development Services website. If you wish to take the internship in lieu of another class, check with your counselor to determine whether you are on track to graduate.
    2. Find an organization/company that is willing to allow you to complete an internship.
    3. Schedule a pre-conference with Mrs. Beaster (use the link on the home page). You must have a conference in order for your internship application to be approved.
    4. Complete the application using the link below to be considered for an internship: Internship Application 
    5. After meeting with the company/organization, you will fill out the Internship Agreement and sign it (found on the application above) and get the business sponsor and your parent/guardian to sign.
    6. Return all forms to Mrs. Beaster in the media center or via email:

    *Deadline to apply for the fall semester: May 31st 

    *Deadline to apply for the spring semester: December 15th

    How to find an internship site:

    Internship Sources
    1. Your family's contacts and family friend's contacts are usually the best sources for providing information on potential internship sites. If a family member is willing to reach out to contact a friend to see if he/she will host you, that is a great way to network in order to find an internship site.
    2. Another way to find internship sites is to complete an Internet search to find local companies you would like to intern with. Once you find companies or organizations that you are interested in, you will need to contact a decision maker at that company/organization to see if they will host you as an intern.
    3. You can also use one of the following sites to find companies/organizations:
               Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce
               Better Business Bureau
               MajorClarity ( Log-in then go to the explore internships section!
    4. Once you find a potential company, you should visit the location in person or send an email to a specific person at that company/organization, requesting an internship. Make sure to dress in professional attire when you visit.

    During your internship:
    Once you are enrolled into the HHS CTE Honors Internship Program, you will be given a Student Internship Guide which contains all the materials you will need to be successful in your internship. You will also gain access to the internship information on Canvas, where you can submit files to your Internship Coordinator. Canvas is a valuable online resource for you, your fellow interns and your Internship Coordinator to communicate, check due dates, send and retrieve files needed during the internship process.

    Throughout the semester, you will complete 3 main components (project, portfolio & a presentation) by doing the following:

    • Complete a project proposal with your business sponsor. You will present your project at the end of the semester.
    • Complete a portfolio (10 journals for hours, resume, 2 progress reports & a thank you note to your employer)
    • Complete 120 hours of work per semester, logging all hours worked on the Internship Composite Timesheet
    • ​Complete two honors projects to receive honors credit
    • Attend four internship meetings throughout the semester
    • Arrange a time for an internship visit for Mrs. Beaster to meet with the student and internship sponsor.
    • Develop a summary (presentation) of the project per presentation guidelines
    • Participate in Intern Gallery Night with your presentation. Students must dress in business casual attire.
    • Turn in all the paperwork and assignments to Mrs. Beaster on a timely basis
    • Ensure that the mentor/sponsor completes the student’s Internship Evaluation which is returned to Mrs. Beaster at the end of the internship
    • Complete a student Self-Evaluation form which is given to Mrs. Beaster at the end of the internship

    ​For more information on the CTE Honors Internship Program, contact Mrs. Dawn Beaster at

    919-570-5600 Ext. 20654 or