Share Your Expertise With Our Students

  • The career and life expertise of the business leaders provides students with the relevancy between education and future careers. Through career-related events, businesses can help prepare students to be future employees of Wake County.

    Guest Speaker

    As a guest speaker for events in the Career Development Center, you will speak to a group of 10-20 students about a topic of your choice. You should prepare a 20-30 minute activity or presentation. Below are some examples of topics that you could share with students:

    • Why did you choose your career, and what it's about?
    • Virtual Interview Skills
    • Social Media Tips
    • Business Ethics Discussions
    • Resume Building Tips

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    Information Events

    During lunch events, you will be available to students during their lunch period. You will be provided with a table, which will be set up in the cafeteria. Students will float to your table if they are interested in learning more about your industry or opportunity. Guest speakers are encouraged to bring handouts, brochures, and any table decorations. During this 2-hour time frame, there will be a total of 2 lunch periods lasting 30-minutes each and a 1-hour in between to meet with interested students looking for more information. Below are some examples of "booths" for the lunch period:

    • US Marine Corps booth with recruitment brochures and a recruiter to answer any questions
    • Wake County EMS booth to advertise various youth programs such as summer camp and EMS club
    • YMCA booth to advertise summer jobs and voluntary opportunities.

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