WCPSS Internship

  • Internship Overview

    An internship is an experience in which a high school student learns by taking on a responsible role as a worker in a company or organization and then reflects on what happened while in the workplace. The Internship Program is a supplement to formal classroom instruction.  Its intent is to significantly add to the vitality of the instructional program and to impact the courses that a student has taken or will take.  Internships are for juniors and seniors and must be at least 120 hours.  Students will earn a credit (1) for the internship.

    Internship Requirements:

    • Students must have begun the 11th or 12th 
    • Students must determine their internship interest area and seek out a business who may be willing to allow the student to complete the internship (check with family friends, etc. for contacts with companies that may consider allowing a student to intern).
    • The internship can be paid or nonpaid. Most are nonpaid.
    • Students cannot intern with their parent/guardian or family business.
    • Students may not intern in a job in which they are currently employed.
    • Wake County Public Schools maintains liability insurance for all students who participate in an approved internship.
    • Internships may be taken in place of a class at school if the student is on track to graduate. Internships are usually taken during 4th period.
    • The internship includes completion of 120 hours of work-based experience for one high school credit on a graded basis.
    • A maximum of two WCPSS internships are allowed per student.

    Download Internship Workbook HERE


    • Students should schedule a conference HERE with Internship Coordinator – Rafael Roman
    • Students complete the following application forms and return them to the internship coordinator before the internship deadline:
      • Internship Application Download
      • Code of Conduct form Download
      • Prerequisites for an Internship form Download
      • Two teacher recommendations
      • Resume
      • Internship Agreement for site placement Download
    • Students must arrange their own transportation for the internship
    • Internship placement must be off campus

    Internship Scheduling: Internships are a CTE class and correspond with the school calendar. Interested students should work with the Internship Coordinator and their Counselor to begin the application process at least one semester before they are interested in interning. Credit and grades are assigned after the student completes all requirements and submits all work to the Internship Coordinator. 

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