• Glaxo-Smith Kline
    Glaxo Smith Kline's (GSK’s) Apprentice Program offers 1st year college-enrolled students, and recent or upcoming high school graduates, the chance to begin a career with a leader in the global healthcare industry.  Program benefits include:

    • An entry-level opportunity to train and work with skilled industry professionals while earning an hourly wage, yearly increases, time-off with pay, a comprehensive healthcare plan, and more.
    • The chance to study towards an Associate’s degree at Wake Tech Community College in academics aligned to the specific apprentice role, fully funded upfront by GSK – NO College Debt!
    • A program of personal development which may include international travel.
    • All apprentices who complete the Program will receive a “Certificate of Completion” from the Department of Labor.  The Program is registered with the state of North Carolina. 
    • An overview of the GSK’s Apprentice Program and the Manufacturing Technician apprentice role can be found on GSK’s website  Apprenticeships | GSK.  It is recommended that students take a close look at the site, and consult with their parents, caregivers, or educators before applying, to be sure they are truly interested in these 3-year Programs.  
    • For more information, visit: us.gsk.com/en-us/careers/apprentices-students-and-graduates/apprenticeships/our-programs/
    • Candidates must meet the “Basic Qualifications” outlined in the job description to be eligible for consideration of the role. 
    • A video on GSK’s Apprentice Program can be found by way of this link https://youtu.be/E_crkt27JyQ​​

    ​​This program is not affiliated with WCPSS, the information is provided as a courtesy to students.

    North Carolina Triangle Apprenticeship Program (NCTAP)
    The North Carolina Triangle Apprenticeship Program (NCTAP) is a fantastic opportunity to participate in full-time apprenticeship in one of several local advanced manufacturing companies. The participating companies offer apprenticeships and free college degrees! Juniors and seniors may apply. Check out the NCTAP website for more information including dates for open house visits by parents and students: www.nctap.org
    This program is not affiliated with WCPSS, the information is provided as a courtesy to students.
    To sign up for a facility tour & learn more click here

    Wake Tech Apprenticeships
    An apprenticeship combines on-the-job training and related classroom instruction. Hands-on and theoretical training prepares workers for highly skilled and specialized occupations. Apprenticeship programs are sponsored by the individual employer and/or employer associations, or by joint employer and labor groups. Participants should be employed full time by an apprenticeship sponsor while still attending classes. 

    Receive Nationally-Recognized Credentials!
    Students who successfully complete the Contren® Learning Series through an accredited training sponsor will receive industry-recognized credentials. Students completing coursework combined with on-the-job training through a registered apprenticeship program will receive Journeyman credentials. 

    • Carpentry Apprenticeship
    • Electrical Apprenticeship
    • HVAC Apprenticeship
    • Plumbing and Pipefitting Apprenticeship
    • Welding Apprenticeship

    ​Learn more at the Wake Tech website: www.waketech.edu/programs-courses/wakeworks/orientation
    Anyone interested in becoming an apprentice must first be employed by an apprenticeship sponsor. A list of companies currently associated with the WTCC apprenticeship program include:

    WestGate Auto Group
    Complete an associates degree in Automotive Technology while earning part-time income! 
    Program Benefits:

    • Full-ride scholarship at a local community college or tuition reimbursement for approved colleges
    • Free $500 tool box
    • $2000 tool allowance
    • In house, online factory training leading to dealership certification
    • Offsite training at a manufacturing center
    • Competitive pay at all levels
    • Full benefits package including a 401K with employee matching
    • Annual performance review

    Contact Larry Moll at lmoll@westgatecars.com or 209.541.4656