School Profile

  • Longview School is a public separate school serving students in grades 6-12 who have experienced behavioral difficulty in a regular school setting. Students are referred through their base schools and placed by IEP team decision. Longview offers small class sizes and a structured behavioral management program.
    The students at Longview follow the middle or high school NC Standard Course of Study or the high school Occupational Course of Study which is more vocationally oriented. Longview offers a small student-to-staff ratio, enabling our well trained and dedicated staff to form meaningful relationships with our students. In addition, we offer multiple tiers of intervention including tutorials built into the school day and daily student reviews.
    Longview has a Student Support Team of counselors, psychologist, social worker, problem-solving team members, and behavior support specialists to assist students with their transition back to their base school or to assist students in their success at Longview.  We also have partnerships with various community service agencies. At Longview, absence is the only handicap to learning.