Student E-Mail Accounts

  • In compliance with the WCPSS Board R&P #2313 which requires that “all WCPSS business conducted on-line must utilize WCPSS authorized e-mail (communications) programs or services,” all WCPSS students and staff must use WCPSS provided e-mail accounts when required for instructional needs. The use of Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or any other non-WCPSS provided e-mail account would be in violation of board policy.

    Your student will be issued a WCPSS e-mail account.  This will be a secure e-mail account through the Wake County Public School System network and will be monitored by WCPSS staff.  The account will be used for instructional purposes and to teach online safety and appropriate use of technology as a tool for learning and life.

    Students will be instructed to share their password with you.  Please feel free to monitor your student’s e-mail account at your discretion.  The address for students to access their WCPSS e-mail account is It can also be accessed from the Longview School website,, under the Middle or High menu.

    You do have the right to deny your student access to this e-mail account if you choose.  Please refer to Related Board Policy R&P #6446 STUDENT ACCEPTABLE USE OF ELECTRONIC RESOURCES for instructions on how to deny access to an e-mail account:  Please click here for the PARENTAL REQUEST TO DENY ACCESS form.

    Thank you for working with us at Longview to bring authentic learning experiences to your student.