• Longview School’s programs are designed for students who receive services through special education. Therefore, students must have an IEP in order to attend Longview. For consideration for admissions, students must present a level of behavior that necessitates placement in a smaller, more structured learning environment in order for them to be successful.

    Students who currently attend a Wake County public school must be referred to Longview by their current school. Parents or human services providers cannot make direct referrals to Longview. Referrals are typically completed by the student’s behavior support teacher, OCS teacher, or other teacher in special programs. Once a student is referred to Longview, a screening committee comprised of Longview staff meets on a weekly basis for admissions consideration.

    If a student has recently moved into Wake County and has attended a school similar to Longview, the first step would be to present for enrollment at the base school as determined by the student’s address. We cannot directly enroll any students from outside of the county or state until a student has presented for enrollment at their base school. Please bring a copy of the student’s IEP and any other prior school documents to the base school. The base school will forward the paperwork to a senior administrator in special education for determination on the appropriate placement.