•      Students must attend school on a regular basis if they are to meet the standards necessary to earn credits or pass their grade.  Time spent outside of direct instruction may cause a student to fall behind academically.  Every effort will be made to help students with excused absences to be at standard in all areas.  Students with an excessive number of unexcused absences will be given work packets to help them to catch up or may stay after school to work with a specific teacher or teachers, but the pace of instruction must be centered around those students who are in attendance on a regular basis.  Any student who misses a class is entitled and expected to make up missed assignments regardless of the reason.  The student is responsible for getting the missed assignments from the teacher and scheduling times to make up tests.

          After 3 days of accumulated absences, the school social worker or school counselor will contact the parent/caregiver and will begin an action plan.  Further absences will result in attendance hearings and possible court involvement.  School Board Policy stipulates that students in blocked classes may miss no more than 10 days per semester and those in year- long classes may miss only 20 days.  Any student who is 16 years of age or older who misses 10 consecutive days will be dropped and a parent will have to re-enroll him/her prior to returning to school.