• WCPSS Grading Norms 

    Sycamore Creek Elementary



    The purpose of this document is to provide families with a brief overview of grading and reporting norms.
    Specific information will be shared from individual teachers and grade levels as it will depend heavily on
    the student’s grade level.


    Board Policy 3400

    Board Policy 3400, Evaluation of Student Progress, and the related Policy 3400 R&P are the core basis of
    any grading in schools for 2020-2021. In reviewing these policies, here are a few important notes.

    • Grades must appropriately and consistently measure and communicate an individual student’s
      level of mastery of defined learning standards/objectives.
    • Grades shall not be punitive. This includes lowering a grade due to a lack of access to technology
      or failure to log into a live instruction meeting.
    • Grading Plans should align with Board Policy 3400
    • Teachers will communicate grading expectations to students and parents.
    • Regular feedback will be provided on student work to promote learning, self-evaluation, and
      growth. Feedback will be dependent on student grade-level and needs.


    Grading Norms, K-5

    Below are the basic grading norms for elementary students.

    • Elementary schools will operate using the standards-based grading system (Levels 1-4) for all
      elementary courses. The 100 point scale will be used for middle school courses taken in
      elementary school.
    • Due to the structure of the online environment, students will be engaged in independent activities,
      which may be graded after adequate instruction and feedback have been provided.
    • Missing assignments and participation are communicated through the work habits grade on the
      report card.

    The Extended Content Standards are substantially modified standards aligned to the NC Standard Course of
    Study. Students accessing those Extended Content Standards are graded on his or her achievement in the
    Extended Content Standards curriculum and this would be reflected in the ECS report card.


    Interim Reports and Report Cards

    In alignment with board policy, all students in grades K-5 are issued report cards each quarter. Interim
    reports will be issued to students either by written or electronic means by the midpoint of each grading

    Promotion and Retention

    Promotion and retention practices in 2020-2021 will align with Board Policy 3420, Student Promotion, andAccountability. Promotion and retention concerns will be addressed with families beginning in February 2021.


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