Healthful Living

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    Healthful Living Course Descriptions and Registration Information

    Students are required to pass the following course in order to graduate:

    • Healthful Living I 

    Students are also required to successfully complete CPR instruction to meet Healthful Living Essential Standards as a requirement for high school graduation.

    Accommodations/alternative assessments for students identified by ADA or IDEA will be provided.

    Magnet Theme Integration: 

    Healthful Living is a component of every student's high school experience. Topics covered include physiology, sports medicine, kinesiology, health and wellness, and physical fitness. Students focus on how different exercises affect the body and how they can stay healthy throughout their lifetime.

    Courses Offered:

    • Healthful Living
    • Lifetime Sports
    • Personal Health and Fitness
    • PEPI (Peer Educator Physical Instruction)
    • Sports Medicine I-IV
    • Team Sports I and II
    • Weight Training and Conditioning I and II