Instructional Policies that Guide our MYP

  • In the IB Middle Years Programme, schools develop and implement instructional policies that serve as guideposts for how the programme is delivered within the school. Our MYP policies were created through a collaborative process over an entire school year. Systems are in place to regularly review these policies and to ensure alignment with WCPSS instructional expectations. Our policies are shared with faculty, staff and students, as well as our community at large. Each student planner has copies of each policy and they are always available online to view.

  • WMMMS MYP Language Policy

    The language policy describes how we as a school support students in acquiring another language, and how we intend to support further development for students in their mother tongue. This policy contains detailed information regarding school policies that support multilingualism as an IB World School. 

  • WMMMS MYP Inclusion Policy

    Our school's inclusion policy explains our commitment to support all students through the Middle Years Programme. It is consistent with the expectations of the IBO, WCPSS, and all federal mandates for student support. 

  • WMMMS MYP Assessment Policy

    Our school assessment policy details our assessment philosophy and aligns it with the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) and WCPSS. It is a statement of our intents and actions for achieving education goals as measured by assessment tasks. 

  • WMMMS Academic Honesty Policy

    The Academic Honesty Policy promotes personal integrity while showing respect for others and their work. This policy helps to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to demonstrate what they know and are able to do throughout all course work.