IBMYP Course Offerings

  • The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme is a whole-school endeavor.

    This means that instruction in every course, in every grade is planned through with IBMYP instructional philosophies (student-centered, inquiry-based, conceptual, etc). The Middle Years Programme guarantees this style of instruction for EACH student in our building. Our magnet programme is not a school within a school, it truly is a whole school programme. 

    All MYP students are expected to take one course in each discipline each year in the programme. All students are required to take the same courses in a few disciplines, but they have a choice in others. 


    MYP Subject Areas 


    Language and Literature (English Language Arts)

         All students take the same Language and Literature courses in years 1-3. 


    Individuals and Societies (Social Studies)

         All students take the same Individuals and Societies courses in years 1-3. 



         All students take the same Sciences courses in years 1-3. 


    Physical and Health Education

         All students take the same Physical and Health Education courses in years 1-3. 



         Depending on performance on mathematics assessments, students can pursue an accelerated math pathway. Please review the Math Placement Guidelines for more information.(Espanol



    Students will choose one of these each year. They can study the same subject all three years or change.

    • Band
    • Theater
    • Vocal Music
    • Dance
    • Visual Arts



    Students will select one of these courses each year.

    • Engingeering: Exploring Technology (formerly Project Revive)
    • Computer Science
    • Nutrition and Wellness
    • Apparel and Interior Design
    • Computer Science
    • Technological Issues and Impacts
    • Agriculture
    • Sports Management
    • Odyssey of the Mind
    • International Relations and Global Leadership


    Language Acquisition (World Languages)

    Students will select a language in year 1 and continue to study it all three years. 

    • Mandarin Chinese
    • French
    • Spanish


    Becoming IB

    In addition to one course from each of the subject areas listed above, all of our students participate in Becoming IB. This course, paired with students' lunch, was developed by IB practitioners at our school to introduce all students to what it means to be an IB student. Students will explore the MYP Key Concepts and Global Contexts and develop MYP Approaches to Learning skills through in-depth study of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.