Garden Club

  • Are you ready to dig into some dirt-tastic fun? Welcome to the Salem Elementary Garden Club, where little green thumbs grow into mighty gardening gurus! Join us as we unearth the secrets of nature, transforming our school garden into a blooming paradise. From planting the seeds of curiosity to harvests of laughter and learning, our club is where budding botanists bloom. So, grab your trowel, put on your garden gloves, and get ready to nurture your love for all things green. Join the Elementary Garden Club and let's make the world a leafier, lovelier place, one sprout at a time!
    How to get involved:
    The Salem Sprout Squad meets during arrival from 8:45-9:10. Find Mrs. Finch and/or a parent volunteer in the garden, tell them you are interested, and get digging! 🌻