• The Academically and Intellectually Gifted Program provides a challenging educational program for students who are identified as performing or show potential for performing, at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others of their age, experience, or environment. Academically and intellectually gifted students receive differentiated education services beyond those ordinarily provided by the regular educational program as outlined by NC General Statute Article 9B. These classes are often referred to as AIG. Instruction focuses on problem solving, self-directed learning, effective oral and written communication, individual investigations, and self-analysis of strengths, needs, and academic potential, which correlates with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. See the Wake County Academically Gifted Program for additional information.

    The AIG Program  also provides ongoing Professional Development for K–8 teachers and staff, which incorporates appropriate instructional strategies to maximize student growth. Outstanding abilities are present in students from all cultural groups, across all economic strata and in all areas of human endeavor. The goal for gifted education is to provide opportunities for the fullest development of each learner's potential.

    Housed under, but separate from AIG are accelerative practices, such as Single Subject Acceleration (SSA). Students meeting qualifying criteria in grades K-7 can take advanced academic content in mathematics or English Language Arts through Single Subject Acceleration (SSA). This ensures opportunities for appropriate levels of academic challenge. Only students who are currently enrolled and attending a WCPSS school during the open nomination and testing window are eligible to be considered for SSA. To learn more about this program, or to register your child for testing during the open window for your track, visit the WCPSS SSA Information Website.