• Welcome to the Hawk's Nest

    Welcome to our Hawk's Nest! We look forward to an amazing partnership with your family as your child begins their experience in Wake County Public Schools. You will find the information below helpful as you begin your journey toward the first day of school! 
    In order to attend our school, you must be assigned here through WCPSS Student Assignment, or have an approved transfer. We do not complete transfers on campus. Transfers are requested through WCPSS Student Assignment.
    *In order to attend kindergarten, children must be 5 years old on or before August 31 of the current school year. 
    *If your child is not 5 years old on or before August 31, they will have to wait until next year. Families who wish to start school before 5 years old, must complete the Whole Grade Advancement process through WCPSS. 
    Rising kindergarten students must register at their base school! Locate your base school

    As a Wake County student, your family has choices:

    • You can attend your base school: Your base school is the one near your home, where children in your neighborhood are assigned to attend. All base schools provide academics, arts, physical education, and music under the direction of high-quality teachers. 
    • You can apply to attend your calendar option school: Traditional calendar schools run from August through the following June, with 10 weeks of summer vacation. Year-round schools run year-round, with students in school for nine weeks and then off for three weeks. If your base school is on a traditional calendar, you will have the option to apply for an assigned nearby year-round school. If your base school is on a year-round calendar, you will have the option to apply for an assigned nearby traditional calendar school.  
    • You can learn more about one of our Magnet Schools: The magnet application period is currently closed. Magnet schools teach the same core subjects as our traditional schools, but present the information in a different way, based on the magnet school's themes. We offer 16 different themes in our 26 elementary magnet schools including Montessori, Engineering, World Languages, Leadership and Gifted & Talented. Each program offers a unique way of delivering the standard curriculum, giving parents the ability to customize their child’s learning experience and creating just the right fit for their child. Students are accepted into magnet programs based on prioritized selection criteria – not first come, first served. 

    Information regarding calendar option requests, magnet school interests, and transfers will become available during the official registration window. Please refer to the Wake County Public School Website for more details.

    For more Kindergarten Resources please visit WCPSS Kindergarten Resouces!

    For more information about other grade levels visit WCPSS Academic Level Resources