• The following procedures and terminology are used by our staff as we provide directions for BYOD usage within the classroom. Classrooms feature a "Device Stoplight," which indicates how students should be using their device on a particular day.

    View the following video, which explains student procedures and policies for BYOD at LRHS...




    Picture Stoplight Color System

    Green - Students are permitted to have their devices out and ready for use in the classroom. A greenlight indicates device may be used as needed, under supervision of the teacher.

    Yellow - Device should be powered on and PARKED (the term parked indicates the device should be out on the student's desk, face down, ready to be used when the teacher directs

    Red - Devices should be powered off and put away

    Additional Procedures

    Note headphones should be used at all times when playing audio or video on devices, as not to disturb other students.

    Photos and/or video may only be taken as part of a class activity and should only be shared within the classroom. Posting of these photos to social media or other places on the Internet is prohobited.

    Students may only use their device through the school's BYOD network. Usage of cellular services and/or other networks is not permitted on campus. Students may not use calling features of Smart Phones. If you need to contact your student during the school day, call the main office.

    Students are expected to power-off their device and put it away at the request of any staff member at any time.

    Connecting to the WAKE-BYOD Network

    Students should connect to the wireless network WAKE-BYOD when on campus. Connection to this network will not result in using any cellular data from a provider. This is the only form of connection permitted on personally-owned devices. It contains the same safety content filters found on school computer Internet connections. You will have to search for the WAKE-BYOD network - it will not show up unless you manually search for it. The following videos may help you if experience problems connecting...

    Apple iOS Devices:


     Android Devices: