School Pictures

  • 1) Senior Panoramic Group: 9/5/23
    2) Fall Underclassmen Picture Day: 9/7/23
    Underclassmen Picture Day Underclassmen Picture Day is on Thursday, September 07, 2023, in the auxiliary gym. The schedule is forthcoming, but every underclassman is strongly encouraged to take their picture. Students will be receiving ordering information through their 2nd period teacher, and you can pre-order today by visiting with the Picture Day ID: EVTFBJRK4
    3) Senior Makeups Formal Photo: 9/21/23
    Senior Makeup Picture Day Sign Up Attention Seniors! If you have not taken your official Senior Portrait, we will have a session on 9/21/23 in the multipurpose room. Please use this link to sign up for your time slot. If you have any questions, please stop by room 223.
    4) Fall Underclassmen Retakes: 10/12/23