2023-2024 Parking Pass & Off-Campus Lunch Applications

  • At this time, Parking has been closed for the 2023-2024 school year. Please reach out to the School Bookkeeper at kstagner@wcpss.net if you have any questions or concerns.


    Off Campus Lunch Pass requests remain open throughout the year and will be the same process as last year. Purchase needs to be made through Online School Payments and the Google Form must be completed, please read the instructions carefully. Early Pickup of Parking Permit will also occur on August 15-16th from 1-5PM if you submitted your request and payment by August 10th. After this the passes can be picked up starting August 25th during normal school hours 48-72 hours after the Google Form was submitted. All fines/fees from past years must be paid before the Pass will be issued. Off Campus Lunch Passes are only available to Juniors and Seniors.


    If you have any questions, please contact the School Bookkeeper at kstagner@wcpss.net


    Links for Off Campus Lunch Pass are below:


    Online School Payments-lunch pass and replacement lunch pass can be purchased on the link below. You must have the Order # for the completion of the Google Forms. You do not need to complete the Google Form again if you are purchasing a replacement.



    2023-2024 Off Campus Lunch Pass Request:

    Off Campus Lunch Pass Google Form- Must be completed for a pass to be issued. Please make sure you read the instructions and provide all information. If you switch sites to pay or print you must return to the Google Form to complete.


    OCLP Permission Form-Hard copy form can be printed from this link, there is also a link in the Google Form, though make sure you return to Google Form to complete submission. It must be signed by both a parent and student and must be a “live” signature. Signed document must be loaded on Google Form. Printed copies can also be picked up from the Main Office at the High School, though please be mindful of Summer hours and it still must be loaded on the Google Form, office will not accept completed Permission Forms.