• Elective Registration

    Students register for electives twice during the school year.  The first registration period is in August and the second is in January.  Students in grades 1st through 5th register for four courses during the 1st semester and four courses during the 2nd semester.  Elective course registration forms are sent home with course descriptions in Monday Folders prior to each registration period.  Elective courses currently being offered can be found Here  for grades K-2 and Here for grades 3-5.

    Elective Options

    Some of our elective course offerings include:

    o   Science Olympiad and Odyssey of the Mind

    o   Mandarin Chinese (Beginning, Intermediate, & Continuing)

    o   Pathway to the Orchestra I & II ( Study of Violin, Viola, & Cello)

    o   Chorus K-2 & 3-5, Rhythm Band, Experiences with Music and Movement

    o   International Games, Lifetime Sports, Team Sports, and Cup Stacking

    o   Ballet, Tap, Creative Dance, and Storybook Dance

    o   Theatre and Theater Games

    o   Video and Print Journalism

    o   Chess I & II

    o   Photography

    o   Aeronautics, Physics, Robotics, and Animal Studies

    o   Creative Writing, Fantasy Literature, and Public Speaking & Debate

    o   Architecture, Logic and Problem Solving, Geometric Design

    o   Geography and Lessons in Leadership