• Internet Safety Education Plan (ISEP)

    • Homeroom teachers will review school expectations that will include basic rules for Internet Safety and review of the WCPSS Acceptable Use Policy.
    • The school will post the WCPSS acceptable use policy and tips for Internet Safety in the computer labs aligned with our SOAR expectations.
    • During Healthful Living, all students will talk about good decision-making and positive interpersonal relationships.  During this unit, the Health teacher will include appropriate stories and texts regarding Internet Safety.  As a part of this instruction, expectations for Internet Safety will be re-emphasized. The Healthful Living Teacher will incorporate the following lessons and will maintain a record of the students who participated in the lessons, as well as the dates when these lessons took place:
    6th Grade Lessons 7th Grade Lessons 8th Grade Lessons
    “Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding” 
    “Scams and Schemes”
    “Safe Online Talk”
    “Trillion Dollar Footprint”
    “Cyberbullying: Crossing the Line”
    “Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding”



    • At the beginning of each year, the school’s administration will provide staff key information related to Internet Safety.
    • We will post pertinent links (e.g., Power Point presentations, lesson plans, video links, WCPSS AUP, etc.) on the Media Center and/or school websites for easy access by teachers.
    • Any teacher asking students to engage in Internet research as a part of class work will provide minimal instruction on safe use of the Internet and/or coordinate with the Media Specialist for training in that setting on Internet Safety.
      • As needed, per teacher request
    • We will make periodic announcements via the morning announcements/scrolling announcements related to appropriate Internet Safety.
    • The school will monitor student computer use on school grounds.
      • Throughout the school year by all school personnel
    • When the school has knowledge of students engaging in potentially unsafe behavior online, the counselor will work with the student on making positive choices and the school will contact the parent.
      • As needed

    Please note – this plan is based on a template created by WCPSS for school-wide ISEPs.