• Bus Procedures

    Unless we receive written instructions from you to the contrary, we will always send your child home on his or her regular bus.  Any transportation changes must be requested in writing by a parent or legal guardian.  Please submit these written notes directly to your child’s teacher in the morning.  If a child will not be riding his/her daycare van, please also notify your daycare provider. If you have an unexpected transportation change that you can’t request in writing, please call the office as soon as possible before 2:30 PM and we’ll notify your child’s teacher.  Please don’t send an e-mail to the teacher during the school day to request a transportation change.  Your e-mail may not be opened until after dismissal or the teacher may be absent that day.

    We are not able to accommodate requests for children to ride the bus home with other children.  Students cannot go home on buses other than the one to which they are assigned.  If a child is going to another student’s home after school, please have the students carpool and make sure that written permission from both parents is provided to the school.

    The same behaviors that are appropriate in the classroom are appropriate at the school bus stop and on the school bus.  Riding a school bus is a privilege that may be revoked if rules are not obeyed.  Bus drivers will NOT release a Kindergarten or 1st grade student at a bus stop unless a responsible person is present at the stop for that child.

    From time to time buses may break down, get behind schedule due to traffic, or have a substitute driver, which may make the bus late. Many times if a bus is running late in the morning we may not be aware of the problem.  If a bus has not arrived within 15 minutes of your usual pick up time please call Apex Friendship Transportation, (919)-805-3030, they may give you the information you need.