• Carpool Procedures

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    Click on the image above to view the Walker Arrival Procedure Video.

  • Updated Carpool Procedures with Health Screenings for 20-21 School Year:

    When arriving at carpool, there will be 4 health screeners.

    • Each screener will screen children for two consecutive cars.

    There will be 2 Carpool Supervisors

    • The supervisors will assist students to the correct entrance (Cafeteria or Gym) after they pass their health screening.

    Students will remain in the car for the temperature check and answering the daily screening questions.

    • When a student passes the screening check, they will be directed to the appropriate entrance:
      • Cafeteria - K - 1st graders
      • Gym - 2nd - 3rd graders

    If a student fails the first health screening:

    • If a student has a temperature of 100.4 or higher:
      • We will ask your car to pull up to the golden cone for a second temperature check. 
      • After five minutes, a second temperature check will be administered.
      • After another 5 minutes, we will take a third temperature check.
      • If the student fails two out of three times, they will have to go home and cannot enter the building.
    • If the student passes the second and third temperature check, they are allowed to then enter the building.


    • Carpool dismissal begins at 4:00pm.
    • Students must be picked up by 4:25pm.
      • After that time, students will need to be picked up from the main office.

  • Carpoolers and Daycare van riders may be dropped off only in the carpool lanes (in front of the gym) between 8:45 and 9:15 a.m. where they will be directed into the building by staff members.

    • Please follow the designated traffic flow.
    • Pull all the way forward before allowing students to exit vehicles.
    • Do not exit your vehicle in the carpool lane, pull to the left and exit in that lane.
    • Please have your child exit from the passenger side.

    Be courteous to pedestrians.  If pedestrians are waiting to cross the carpool lane, please stop.  For the safety of our students, please do not use cell phones in the carpool lane.

    For the safety of students and adults, all families who drive their children to school should drop their kids off in the carpool lane.  Adults should not use cell phones or text while waiting in or moving through carpool. Stay in the right lane and proceed to the designated drop-off area. Please stay in a single line and follow the directions of the adults on duty.  As a matter of courtesy do not attempt to drive around or pass cars.  Students may only be dropped off or picked up in the carpool area.  Please do not enter the building to pick up students in carpool.  Staff members will have students ready for pick up.  Additionally, please do not park your car in the car pool lane and leave it unattended because this creates a fire safety violation.  Morning drop off will begin at 8:45 AM.  Students must be picked up in the afternoon by 4:25 PM.  After that time, students will need to be picked up from the main office.