• Walkers Procedures

    There are three arrival procedures at Olive Chapel; bus, carpool, and walkers (those walking from their neighborhoods to the school).  We ask that parents follow our safety procedures and read the updated information below.  Thank you.


    Dear Olive Chapel Elementary Parents,

    This past year, we have had several situations that occurred during arrival and dismissal that have caused us to rethink some of our arrival and dismissal practices to ensure the safety of all our students.  

    As many of you know, walkers are expected to walk to and from their neighborhood or Kelly Road Park.  Unfortunately, this practice is not being followed by parents who choose to park in our parking lots and then walk to and from their car instead of using our carpool system.  We have also noticed that some parents are now parking at Publix and having their students walk up to the crosswalk unattended to meet them at this point. This is also not an approved method of arrival or dismissal. This creates large amounts of students going many different directions, including through our parking lots, down both ends of the sidewalks, or at a meeting point that some parents tell their child to meet them at the edge of campus or even off campus.  This has created a tremendous safety concern for us so we are going to alter our arrival and dismissal procedures to help ensure the safety of our students. We have obtained the support of Publix management as well as the Apex Police Department in making these changes.

    We have a new walker application process for the 2019 - 20202 school year.  We believe this process will identify approved neighborhood walkers and ensure that no student leaves our campus unattended and without a walker tag.  The procedures for this new arrival and dismissal process are outlined in the Walker Applications forms. There is an application for an Independent Walker, available only to 4th or 5th grade students, as well as a general Walker application for all other students.  These applications can be found on our website by clicking the links at the bottom of this page or by clicking on the following hyperlinks here:  Independent Walker Agreement & Application Form (4th and 5th graders only) OR K - 3rd Walker Agreement & Application Form. 

     If parents choose not to follow the new procedures and send their child as a walker, their child will be stopped before leaving campus and escorted to the office to wait for a parent to pick them up, after showing identification.  The gravel lot will also be blocked off with cones during arrival and dismissal and all parents dropping off or picking up children will be directed to the carpool loop.

    Thank you for your cooperation in following these new procedures to ensure all of our students are safe.   If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school at (919) 387-4440 and we will be happy to speak with you.  Thank you for your continued support.


    Mrs. Erin K. May, Assistant Principal



    Walker Agreement & Application Form (K-3rd)

    Indpendent Walker Agreement & Application Form (4th - 5th)