• Walkers Procedures

  • walker arrival


  • We will ask parents/caretakers to line up sequentially around the map using the social distancing markers and arrows.   A responsible adult, approved for picking up the child, must have the following: 

    • The corresponding walker tag number with the child’s walker tag number
    • Secondly, that their name appears on the list of emergency contacts on the student’s locator sheet.

    If the person responsible for pickup does not have the required walker tag, they will be directed to the front office for our checkout procedure (showing driver’s license/proper identification associated with our locator cards).  We ask that parents not park in the gravel parking lot or Publix and “walk” their children to school; rather, utilize our carpool for dismissal to ensure the safety of our students.

    Pick up by older siblings:

    In order for an older sibling to pick a child up from school, he or she must be older than 14, the corresponding walker tag, and must be listed on your child’s locator card as having permission to pick up your child.

    Children who walk or ride bicycles without adult supervision (grades 4 and 5 only)

    If your child is a responsible 4th or 5th grader and will walk or ride a bicycle to or from school without adult supervision, please complete and return the “Walker Agreement” to school.  The section with your signatures will be laminated for attachment to your child’s bookbag.  Students without this signature card will not be permitted to travel to or from school without an adult.   


    Walker Agreement Form and Procedure (K-5th)

    Independent Walker Agreement Form and Procedure (4th-5th only)