Dear Parents,

    We are looking forward to welcoming your child to Kindergarten here at Forest Pines! It is going to be a great year full of learning, friends, and new discoveries. Below are some important dates which we would like you to be aware of, as you will be getting letters with dates/times to attend school:

    Staggered Entry: During the week of August 27-September 3, your child will come to school for just one day, on their assigned day. They will meet all the kindergarten teachers on this day and participate in lunch, recess, and some academic activities. This allows an easier transition to the school day for your child. A letter will be sent to you notifying you of the specific day your child should come. *Send lunch or set up a lunch money account for this day, and students may also bring a snack for snack time. Also, please keep spare clothing in your child's book bag. Do not bring school supplies on this day.

    Meet the Teacher Session: During this time, you will bring your child to school to meet his/her assigned teacher. Please plan on completing paperwork on this day for your child’s teacher and finalizing carpool or bus tags if you haven’t done so already. This will most likely occur on Tuesday, September 3.

    Official First Day of School: Kindergarten kicks off the official year on a different date than the rest of school. The official first day of school is Wednesday, September 4. Please plan on providing information to let us know how your child is going home for the week and rest of the school year. *Send lunch for this day. A student may also bring a snack for snack time. Also, please keep spare clothing in your child’s bookbag. Please bring school supplies on this day.

    We know that this is a very exciting time for you and your child. Looking forward to working with you in the future! Have a wonderful summer!


    The Kindergarten Team: Chloe Colyar, Sierra Owens, Andre' Silberman