Name Position Track E-Mail
Anderson, Claudette 1st Grade IA Track 2
Armstrong, Kasmira 3rd Grade Track 4
Ashurst, Keri IA Track 3
Bailey, Jessica IA Track 4
Baldwin, Ashley Specialist- Music Track 6
Barham, Yolanda Kindergarten Track 4
Baucom, Nicole 4th Grade Track 1
Boone, Shikita Cafe Manager Track 7
Braunstein, Hannah 1st Grade Track 2
Brown, Kate Occupational Therapist Track 7
Catherwood, Crystal Kindergarten Track 2
Classen, Morgan 2nd Grade Track 3
Corrody, Carol ESL/Intervention Track 6
Cummings, Kayla 2nd Grade Track 4
Damico, Kara 3rd Grade Track 1
Davis, Jasamine 5th Grade Track 3
Dean, Florrie IA Track 4
Delk, Teikeshia 3rd Grade Track 3
Di'Orio, Aubrey 1st Grade Track 3
Downey, Faith CCR/Kindergarten and 1st Grade Track 6
Evans, Jackie Cafe Track 7
Flynn, Mark Data Manager Track 7
Frazier, Destiny IA Track 4
Gordon, Christina 2nd Grade Track 3
Gough, Melissa Instructional Facilitator, AIG Teacher, & Intervention Teacher Track 7
Grice, Joseph IA Track 4
Handley, Lauren IA Track 1
Hendricks, Julia Specialist- Media & Technology Track 7
Hewat, Megan Pre-K Blended Classroom Track 4
Hill, Courtnee 1st Grade Track 3
Hines, Lauren 4th Grade Track 1
Howerton, Kortney 1st Grade Track 1
Hrbek, Althea EBS I Track 4
Hudson, Abby 3rd Grade Track 3
Hunsberger, Melodie 5th Grade Track 1
Ibrahim, Summer 3rd Grade Track 2
Jennette, Hannah Kindergarten Track 1
Jolly-Lassiter, Stacey Speech Track 7
Joyner, Tracey 5th Grade Track 2
Keisner, Wendy Lead Secretary Track 7
Knighten, Mary Pre K Structured Day Classroom Track 4
Ladd, Karen IA Track 4
Lee, Jennifer School Counselor Track 7
Lipkins, Tracey Kindergarten Track 3
Livengood, Kathy Principal Track 7
Lowek, Susan CCR/4th & 5th Grades Track 6
Mayer, Robert 4th Grade Track 2
Mayfield, Lisa IA Track 1
Maynard, Jeffrey 1st Grade Track 4
McDonald, Monique First Grade IA Track 4
McDonald, Monique IA Track 4
Moore-Williams, Setoria 4th Grade Track 3
Oesch, Patricia IA Track 3
Olson, Maria Social Worker Track 7
Osborn, Ross 2nd Grade Track 2
Osorio, Melanie 2nd Grade Track 1
Page, Bonnie IA Track 2
Perez, Miriam 3rd Grade Track 1
Piltzer, Julie IA/Steps to Success Instructor Track 1
Pinkney, Loren Assistant Principal 7
Revere, Malcolm Specialist- PE Track 7
Robinson, Lannie IA Track 3
Robinson, Mary Elizabeth 5th Grade Track 4
Salinder Broady Interim Assistant Principal
Self, Kay Receptionist Track 7
Shon, Janice IA Track 4
Smith, Sheronda 2nd Grade Track 1
Stefanow, Alissa EBS II Track 4
Sutton, Amy School Nurse Track 7
VonDerHeide, Jessica Instructional Facilitator, Literacy Coach, & Intervention Coordinator Track 7
Watson, Sheila IA Track 4
White, Cherri Kindergarten Track 1
Williams, Erin 1st Grade Track 1
Wojnarowski, Debra CCR/2nd & 3rd Grades Track 6
Woodford, Alexis School Psychologist Track 6
Woodruff, Randi 4th Grade Track 4
Wynn, Alison 5th Grade Track 1
  • Current BCES Jets Staff are listed in the table to the left with email contact information. To reach a staff member by telephone, please call the front desk at 919-484-4747. 

    Track 1, 2, 3, & 4 Employees work 10 months per year aligned with the student tracks. Track 6 employees work 11-months a year and Track 7 employees work 12-months a year. Track 6 and Track 7 employees serve students from all 4 student tracks.