• Booster Program - Booster Program One-Pager

    The Booster Program is designed to serve overage 7th grade students who are academically capable and motivated to excel in school.  Students are required to demonstrate mastery of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study in order to enter high school after one semester.

    Students must process the motivation and a history of academically ability to qualify for this rigorous program.

    Program Highlights

    • The program has a 1:15 teacher/student ration
    • Guidance Counselor designated to program
    • 90 Minute Block Schedule - Primary focus on Core Classes
    • Community Service Component
    • Students required to wear school uniform
    • Fall Applicants: Overage 8th graders
    • Spring Applicants: Overage 7th graders

    If interested, please contact your current middle school counselor for referral information.  Referrals are requested in November and April of each school year.

    Contact Mrs. Jennifer Clifton at (919) 231 - 5608 for other questions/information.