• Booster Program

    The Booster Program is an accademic acceleration program designed to serve overage 7th grade students who are academically capable and motivated to excel in school. Students will receive the equivalent of a year and a half of curriculum and are required to demonstrate mastery of the NC Standard Course of Study in order to enter high school after one semester.

    Students must possess the motivation, a history of academic ability, and consistent attendance to qualify for this rigorous program.

    The booster program is following the same county guidelines for re-entry to schools as traditional WCPSS middle schools. 

    Program Highlights

    • The program has a 1:15 teacher/student ratio
    • School Counselor designated to program

    • Transportation provided
    • 90 Minute Block Schedule - Primary focus on Core Classes
    • Students required to wear school uniform (khaki pants with white, black, or gray shirt)
    • Nov. 30th: Application Deadline for current 7th graders to start in the Spring
    • May 20th: Application Deadline for current 7th graders to start the following Fall (instead of 8th grade at their base school)



    The booster application is now on OASIS! If you need assistance completing the application, please reach out to Lauren Huber, number below.


    When reviewing applications, our team considers all middle school grades, EOG scores, academic rcord, and discipline records along with teacher and counselor recomendations.

    If interested, please contact your current middle school counselor for referral information.  Referrals are received throughout the year and will be reviewed after the application deadlines for each semester.

    Contact Lauren Huber at (919) 231-5600 x27282 for other questions/information.