• Wake Early College of Health and Sciences' students are governed by the Wake County Public School System and Wake Technical Community College System Codes of Student conduct. Students and their families are issued a WECHS Student and Parent Handbook. Vital information from the WCPSS and Wake Tech College Catalog are included in this handbook and full versions of each may be accessed online. Students and parents should carefully review these documents in their entirety. WECHS faculty and staff will apply the policies and procedures in accordance with these documents. WECHS will enforce all WCPSS policies. When students are enrolled in college courses, Wake Tech policies will also act as governing policies for student academic integrity and code of conduct.

    Students and their families are expected to be aware of all WCPSS and Wake Tech policies and procedures. Each student has been provided a copy of the WCPSS handbook. In addition, WCPSS and Wake Tech policies and procedures can also be found online at www.wcpss.net and www.waketech.edu.