• WECHS students must attend all classes regularly to succeed in their high school and college courses and to maintain their assignment as a North Campus student. Students must be able/willing to continuously work toward an associate’s degree or transferable credit. Students with repeat attendance concerns will be placed on a monitored academic agreement and/or behavior agreement that could also lead to the development an accelerated, individualized graduation plan.   
    WECHS students are required to comply with all Wake County Public School System and Wake Tech attendance policies for college classes.

    Note: Wake Tech counts all absences equally and does not distinguish between excused or unexcused absences. Students who go over the allowed number of days in a college class will be dropped from the course. See Wake Tech Attendance Policy on each course outline or at www.waketech.edu for specific details. Students who fall into attendance problems with Wake Tech classes may jeopardize their enrollment status on North Campus and WECHS.