• SMART Lunch FAQ’s

    Q. What is SMART Lunch?
    A. Students Maximizing Achievement with Resources and Time: a restructuring of the daily
    bell schedule where students can study, complete makeup work, receive tutoring help and
    explore additional academic interests. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for students to
    enrich their learning experiences and/or receive additional academic help and support during
    the school day! Students will also be able to participate in clubs and an intramural program
    without having to worry about their interests conflicting with after school responsibilities or the
    lack of transportation.
    Q. How will SMART Lunch work?
    A. All students will have a full hour in which to eat and participate in the various scheduled
    academic and extra-curricular activities. Students with last name of A-L will eat lunch during
    the first 30 minutes of lunch also known as A Lunch. Students with last name of M-Z will eat
    lunch during the second 30 minutes of lunch also known as B Lunch. Only Juniors and
    Seniors with off campus lunch privileges may leave campus for part of the hour or
    the full hour.
    Q. Not everyone will fit in the cafeteria, where can I eat my lunch?
    A. Students will be allowed to eat lunch in the following locations: teacher’s classrooms with
    permission, outside eating areas, and lobbies of the 2000 building. The most important part of
    determining where students will be allowed to eat is the continued cleanliness of our campus.
    It will be students’ responsibilities to leave their eating areas clean! We will also have a mobile
    lunch line in the 1st floor lobby of the 2000 building where students will be able to purchase
    their lunch.
    Q. What else can I do during SMART Lunch besides eat lunch?
    A. Each department has a tutoring schedule which will be posted around campus and
    will also be available on the Cary High website.
    *Students may go to the Media Center for quiet study and research time.
    *The 1027 Computer Lab will be open for students to use for academic purposes.
    *The PE department will be posting sign-ups for an intramural program with rotating
    activities. *Various clubs will be meeting during SMART Lunch so listen to the announcements.
    Q. Do I have to stay in one place for the entire hour?
    A. NO! You may move around campus and participate in tutoring or other activities as you
    see fit. You may not go onto the athletic fields, the teacher or senior parking lots, or off
    campus if you do not have an off-campus pass. If you are in the buildings, you must be in
    either the hallway lobbies or in a teacher’s classroom. Basic rule of thumb, if an adult is not
    visible, you should probably not be there.
    Q. When is SMART Lunch starting and how long will it last?
    A. Cary High will start SMART Lunch on Dec. 2nd. We will operate it on a trial basis for the
    remainder of 1st semester (up till exam time). At the conclusion of this 6 weeks,
    administration with teacher input, will determine whether or not SMART Lunch will continue
    for 2nd semester. The success of SMART Lunch will be determined by the behavior and
    attitude of the student body. We must see that students are appropriately utilizing the extra
    time given to them. We will collect data and information on how many times students
    received extra help from their teachers, whether or not there was an increase in overall
    student grades, the participation rate in extra-curricular activities, and whether or not students
    took advantage of the opportunities for enrichment and growth that were offered.