• SMART Lunch Overview

    Freshman and Sophomores

    All freshman and sophomore students must remain on campus during lunch and must remain in designated SMART Lunch areas.  Students may go to a teacher’s classroom, media center, designated common areas, or the cafeteria. 

    What is the plan for juniors and seniors to safely exit the student parking lot?

    Juniors and seniors who walk off campus for lunch must use the crosswalks when crossing the street.  Juniors and seniors who drive off-campus must obey all posted traffic signs and the directions of staff on duty.  Student drivers with off-campus lunch privilege will exit the campus using either the driveway near the field house or around the back and out through the bus loop. For safety reasons, the driveway near the field house will restrict drivers to making right turns only onto Maynard Road; the bus loop driveway will allow drivers to make left or right turns onto Walnut Street. At both exit points, Allied Burton Security and Cary High staff members will check off-campus lunch passes for all passengers inside the car. To ease campus congestion and traffic flow, students with off-campus lunch privilege can leave at their leisure, with the understanding that they are to return to campus and be seated in their 4th-period class on time, or be subject to consequences for lateness, including surrender of their lunch pass and/or their parking pass. Students will re-enter via Maynard only.

    Note: Being in an unauthorized area during SMART Lunch is considered skipping and will result in disciplinary consequences. The staff and teachers will ensure that students keep the cafeteria clean and orderly.  Students who leave a mess in the cafeteria will be assigned cafeteria cleanup duties by a designated staff member.