• Applying to Driver's Education at Cary High School

    Due to COVID-19, please contact Jordan Driving School directly for further details and other important information.  We are currently NOT giving behind-the-wheel driving lessons due to the pandemic.

    Driver's Education is offered by Jordan Driving School.  Please visit their website for class schedules and other important information about driver's education and graduated licensing in North Carolina.


    Obtaining Your Driver Eligibility Certificate

    After completing both classroom and behind the wheel, PARENTS need to bring the following to Student Services in order to obtain the DEC (Driver’s Eligibility Certificate) form:

    • Driver Education Certificate provided by the instructor
    • N.C. Real ID Address Verification Form (We will provide one if needed)
    • Original Birth Certificate (If not born in the U.S., valid passport/resident card)
    • Parents identification
    • Checking students’ grades, they must be passing 3 out of 4 classes 70%.  North Carolina law reflects a coordinated statewide effort to motivate and encourage students to complete high school. The legislation requires that a student’s driving permit or license be revoked if a student is unable to maintain adequate progress or drops out of school. Adequate progress is defined as passing 70% of all courses. If you do not meet this requirement, you will not be issued an eligibility certificate and/or your permit/license will be revoked by the NC DMV.

    Once forms have been reviewed, student services will provide the following:

    1. Driver Eligibility Certificate* (Parent signature required)
    2. Printout of historical grades
    3. N.C. Real ID Address Verification Form (if requested)

    *The driver eligibility certificate is valid for 30 days. If the student is not able to obtain their permit within that time frame, they will need to come back with paperwork to student services to get another one.

    Visiting the DMV

    Please check the NC DMV official website for hours of operation during Covid-19.


    • Driver Education Certificate (from the instructor)
    • Driver Eligibility Certificate (DEC form from your school)
    • Original Birth Certificate (If not born in the U.S., valid passport/resident card)
    • Social Security Card (unlaminated)
    • Parent/Legal Guardian
    • Proof of Parent/Guardian Car Insurance
    • Proof of Residence (utility bill) along with N.C. Real ID Address Verification Form
    • $20 fee

    More information about obtaining a NC Learner's Permit can be found on the official DMV webpage.