2020-2021 Parking Pass Applications

  •  Parking passes are available for Juniors and Seniors in good standing.  Students interested in securing a parking pass for 2020-2021 should carefully read and follow the guidelines of the parking pass application. 

    There is no cost for a 2020 - 2021 Parking Permit.

    Key Components of the Parking Application process

    • Complete the online parking application.
    • Complete the online parking form.
    • Print & complete the one-page paper application (which includes a signed copy of the ADMHS and WCPSS Parking Rules and Regulations) Parent’s signature must be notarized on the first page of the application. Please note the dates for accepting applications.
    • Make a clear photocopy of your valid NC Driver’s License ((permanent photo - not a permit) temporary license will not be accepted.) and vehicle registration(s).
    • Verification of cleared fees or fines (office staff will verify). A parking tag will not be issued if you have outstanding fees or fines.  

    **Please make sure that you read the Application carefully and include all information requested on the application***

2020-2021 Off-Campus Lunch Passes

  • Requirements for Off-Campus Lunch Pass:

    1. The student must be a Junior or a Senior.
    2. The student must be clear of any fines/books/fees due to Athens Drive Magnet High School.
    3. The student must have a parent/guardian sign the Off-Campus Lunch Pass Application below.

    There is no cost for a 2020 - 2021 Off-Campus Lunch Pass. You will need to either email your completed form to athenshs-magnet@wcpss.net or physically drop it off at the Main Office. 

     Lunch Pass Application