• Latest Drivers Ed Information for LRHS Students


    Driver Ed:  January 12, 2020 Update
    BTW: Drivers are scheduling September classroom students and will then move to October students later in January. Students are sent to BTW instructors based on age within the class taken; we have 3 drivers who drive 12 students per month. Wake County Driver Education serves ~14,000 high school students each year.  
    Spring 2020 Classroom sessions are fully enrolled.
    I have a waiting list and am now closing it since it is unlikely everyone will be placed. I will contact you via email oldest to youngest, if/when seats become available in any of the sessions. All contacts are time sensitive so please follow the directions.  
    Summer registration information is typically posted around spring break, with priority registration beginning April 1. A registration form, county-wide schedules, and summer directions will be posted at www.jordandriving.comA NEW REGISTRATION form must be submitted for summer classes.
    Angela Stephenson
    LRHS Driver Education
    Lead Teacher - leesvilledrivered@aol.com
    Driver Ed Classroom 152 Main Building