• Latest Drivers Ed Information for LRHS Students

    April 18, 2021 Driver Ed Update
    Summer Registration Priority Period closed @ 5:00 April 15.
    • Any registration forms received will be placed in any open slots or slots that open as the summer progresses. I will contact you if options arise.
    • Notifications of class placements are projected by JDS to be released the first week in May; however, if sooner, I will send out on a rolling basis starting with the June classroom which is almost entirely 2005 birthdays.
    • The placement email will indicate 3 action steps and due dates; please follow those as requested.
    • Be sure you monitor your parent email/junk mail to receive and act on these notifications of placement; I try to send courtesy reminders, but cannot promise that I will– so make yourself a note about the “hard” deadlines.
    • Please understand that the wait time for BTW is difficult to estimate, but is 4+ months long currently. This issue plagues our entire state and especially the larger counties.
    • Only 4 students from the November classroom have been placed on a BTW roster as of 4.16, while the 2 LRHS drivers complete their October classroom students. Then, our focus will be the November class.  It is a slow process, but this situation we are in has impacted all aspects of our lives – it just has. Following that we have December, then February, etc. 
    • Once BTW concludes, the driver will issue a Certificate of Completion. Please review it carefully for correct spelling and all other information BEFORE you leave the lesson.
    • Then, students need to request a Driver Eligibility Certificate (DEC) from the student services office. 
    • Should you decide to drive privately, it will be self-funded and paperwork can be requested by your driving school from JDS per directions here:  In-Out-Transfers

    DMV Eligibility Certificates:      
    DMV Eligibility Certificates are issued through the student services office and can be picked up by the student or/parent.  YOu will need to demonstrate your copy of the certificate of completion referenced above.  

    Applicable DMV Information 


    Angela Stephenson
    LRHS Driver Education
    Lead Teacher - leesvilledrivered@aol.com
    Driver Ed Classroom 152 Main Building