• Latest Drivers Ed Information for LRHS Students


    Spring dates are posted in the event you have not yet submitted a registration form.  Students are placed based on age, oldest to youngest.  Fall classes filled with students born prior to 2004.  If you have submitted a registration form, you do not need to do so again unless there are changes.  Do NOT pay for a class unless you are specifically directed to do so via my notification and please adhere to due dates.  Summer info is typically available prior to spring break.  
    • Please refer to www.jordandriving.com for the spring classroom information, the current registration form, and class session dates which will list February, March, April, May 2019.  After school times are 2:30-5:30 and you must provide your own transportation by 5:45 each of the 10 days of class.  
    • Students will be placed in a class according to age, oldest to youngest, based on the registration forms that are received.  Students must be at least 14.5 years of age on the first day of the class.  
    • Students should submit the completed registration form to the LRHS main office; notifications regarding class placement will be made via email. You can email a copy, but follow up to the main office with a hard copy via your student.  
    • Please provide all registration information legibly and in ink in order to facilitate notification via your email address.  Once you are assigned a class, you will be notified how to pay the $65.00 fee.  
    • Failure to reply to the email notification by stated date likely will cause a delay in being placed in a class.  
    • Email astephenson@wcpss.net if you need additional information that is not available on the Jordan Driving School website.   

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Angie Stephenson (astephenson@wcpss.net)
    National Board Certified English Teacher

    LRHS Lead Teacher, Driver Education
    voice mail 919-870-4250 extension 24567