• Latest Drivers Ed Information for LRHS Students


    November 1, 2020 Driver Ed Update


    Remote Classroom Sessions and Registration:

    • All Fall 2020 classes are fully enrolled, with 35 students in each session. 
    • Any submitted registration forms have been printed, filed by birthday, and will be contacted if a seat opens and when spring schedules are announced. If you need to confirm receipt, please email student name and full birthday and I will check.
    • It is unlikely that any January classes will be offered.
    • Based on registration forms to date, February and April will largely be filled by birthdays prior to 2006. 
    • BTW will be a wait of 3-4 months due to people dealing with the consequences of the Covid-19 virus and lifestyle considerations. The driving instructors must be utilized throughout the county; there are fewer of them due to their own health concerns and increased responsibilities at home/school. 
    • Should you decide to drive privately, it will be self-funded and paperwork can be requested by your driving school from JDS per directions here:  In-Out-Transfers


    Drivers receive new rosters at the end of a month to schedule/drive the following month. 

    • Drivers are finishing the June 8 remote session and will be begin phasing in students from the June 15 class session. We have 2 drivers at LRHS as of November 1.
    • Each driver has been trained on safety protocols and has specific directions to follow that are not negotiable. This process will require patience. 
    • Once BTW concludes, the driver will issue a Certificate of Completion.  Please review it carefully for correct spelling and all other information.
    • Then, students need to request a Driver Eligibility Certificate (DEC) from the student services office. 

    DMV Eligibility Certificates:                                     

     Due to building closure, DMV certificates will be issued by the following method: 

    • Parents/Student may come to the school building anytime between 8am and noon, Monday through Friday. When arriving at school, ring the doorbell and when answered, state that you are here for a DMV certificate.  A staff member will then come to the door to assist you.

    Applicable DMV Information 


    Angela Stephenson
    LRHS Driver Education
    Lead Teacher - leesvilledrivered@aol.com
    Driver Ed Classroom 152 Main Building