• Latest Drivers Ed Information for LRHS Students


    May 29 Driver Ed Update:
    If you have paid for an April or May class at LRHS, you will receive notification and information in the next week specific to the remote class session.  We are in the process of completing March and will then run April and May between June 8-26.  All specifics will be sent to the parent email address provided during the online payment. 
     Since Governor Cooper's announcement that students will not be returning to the schools, we have worked to complete classes that were interrupted due to closure.  We are now addressing those students who, prior to closure, had paid for spring classes throughout the county. In addition to converting to an online format with face-to-face capabilities, we had to factor in the legislative mandates for driver education instruction, DMV vision checks, and the status of current and future Behind-The-Wheel instruction.  Currently, BTW is not an option based on the state mandates and public health guidance. 
    We are eager to begin instruction, but we must abide by the laws and structures that govern public school programs and public health. Once we have a viable plan in place and are permitted to do so, we will update the Jordan Driving School website as well as the high school websites through personnel assigned to lead teacher roles.  
    For obvious reasons, summer registration is on hold, but we are hopeful that we will be able to phase that in soon.
    Angela Stephenson
    LRHS Driver Education
    Lead Teacher - leesvilledrivered@aol.com
    Driver Ed Classroom 152 Main Building