• Latest Drivers Ed Information for LRHS Students


    **Per WCPSS, ALL Driver Education, classroom and behind the wheel, is canceled as of Monday, March 16, 2020 until further notice.**


    Previous Information:

    Driver Ed:  March & Summer Registration Update
    BTW:  We are now scheduling & driving December classroom students.  Students are sent to BTW instructors based on age within the class taken; we have 4 drivers who drive 12-14 students per month.  When scheduling, please make a note of the instructor's name, place to meet for BTW, and ways to contact should there be any issues -- then share with your student!  I do not schedule BTW.  😊 
    Summer 2020 Registration:  All spring sessions are fully enrolled and those of you still on the waiting list will not be placed in a class. Summer registration materials will be available at www.jordandriving.com by April 1.  Students can take a summer session at any location.  Please follow all directions or your registration will be delayed. 
    ·         Write all information legibly - including the email address.
    ·         Provide an email address that is regularly checked including junk/spam. I use only email to contact/place students in driver education.
    ·         Provide your child’s full birthday – must be 14 ½ by first day of the session.
    ·         When placement emails are sent, respond immediately.  Failure to meet the due dates can result in your student being dropped from the roster.
    ·         If you qualify for a waiver (free/reduced lunch) you must submit it with your registration.  https://jordandriving.com/fee-waiver-for-driver-education/
    ·         Placement emails are typically released in early May once the registration period has concluded.
    ·         We will have 5 sessions of 35 students at LRHS; SHS and MBHS are often 2nd options for any who are not placed at LRHS.  There are also other schools with smaller populations that are options if you desire a session not offered/available at LRHS.  Send your registration to the lead teacher noted for that site.
    You must complete a new registration form for the summer and no registration forms will be accepted prior to April 1.  Email a print quality pdf – not a picture of your form – to leesvilledrivered@aol.com or submit via hard copy to the LRHS main office – please send me an email if you wish to have receipt of hard copy confirmed. 
    Thank you, Angie Stephenson, leesvilledrivered@aol.com
    Angela Stephenson
    LRHS Driver Education
    Lead Teacher - leesvilledrivered@aol.com
    Driver Ed Classroom 152 Main Building