Our Mission

  • Wake County Public School System will provide a relevant and engaging education
    and will graduate students who are collaborative, creative, effective communicators
    and critical thinkers.

Our Vision

  • Through best practices, a shared vision, a culture of continuous improvement and exposure to the fields of health and sciences, students will graduate with a high school diploma and have the opportunity to earn an associate degree, health sciences diploma, and/or certificate from Wake Technical Community College.

Our Profile

  • Wake Early College of Health and Sciences (WECHS) is an application school focused on health and sciences.  WECHS provides students with opportunities to explore careers in the health and sciences through partnerships with Wake Tech and WakeMed Health and Hospitals.  This up to five-year public high school program allows students to earn their high school diploma and an associate degree, college transfer credit, the prerequisite courses to prepare for a health sciences degree, and/or a health care certificate.  College credits completed while enrolled at WECHS are tuition-free and are transferable to all sixteen of North Carolina's public universities.  Students follow a rigorous high school program of honors classes for the first two years and attend classes on the Perry Health Sciences Campus of Wake Tech.  For the remaining years, students are dual enrolled in Wake Tech courses and attend classes on the Northern Campus of Wake Tech.
    Click here to see Wake Early College of Health and Science's NC School Report Card.  To see a copy of our Progress Report, click here.



Unique Benefits

  • There are unique benefits to being a WECHS student:
    • The school accepts a very limited number of students, with up to eighty students accepted in ninth grade each year.
    • WECHS provides one of the most individualized learning environments available to Wake County students. 
    • Students will have the opportunity to graduate in four or five years with an Associate of Arts or Science degree. With a grade of C or higher, these credits will transfer to the UNC System of Colleges and Universities. 
    • WECHS integrates the theme of health and sciences throughout its curriculum so that students gain the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a degree or a career in health science.
    • WECHS counselors and Wake Tech academic advisors advise students about their course of study.
    • In addition to classroom instruction, students can participate in job shadowing and internships at WakeMed. 

Who We Are

  • The Wake Early College of Health and Sciences will attract the best and brightest students who have potential to be our future leaders, scientists and researchers. Applicants should:
    • be creative, curious and have high self-expectations
    • desire a challenging and accelerated program
    • be willing to take a positive risk and enjoy new and different ideas
    • display leadership potential and the ability to be be self-directed
    • be willing to try new methods of instruction, and
    • be excited about a different learning environment that is surrounded by health and science professionals.