Service Learning Overview

  • Purpose

    Vernon Malone College and Career Academy recognizes the benefits of connecting students within their community.  This required experience utilizes the skills developed through Project Based Learning (PBL).  In addition, it supports your high school resume which is an essential element of college and career readiness. 

    Vernon Malone was a community activist and was known for supporting communities in North Carolina.  He is remembered for being a humanitarian who engaged in random acts of kindness.  Vernon Malone College and Career Academy embodies his legacy through instilling these values.

    Your Service Learning Experience should foster your understanding of how you can make your community a better place.  The process of seeking a service opportunity, committing your time to an organization, contributing to identified outcomes and engaging in a network beyond high school should be an enriching and valuable experience for you.



    · VMCCA Juniors are required to participate in Service Learning

    · VMCCA Juniors must complete 20 hours total.  Fall Semester 10 hours and Spring Semester 10 hours.

    · VMCCA Juniors select the organization they want to serve.  

    · VMCCA Juniors may complete their service learning in groups, individually, or through student organizations.

    · VMCCA Juniors will submit their Fall and Spring documentation sheet for credit and will receive recognition in the graduation program.  

    · All service learning must directly benefit  people, animals, etc.