Open House PowerPoint and FAQs

Posted by Kelly Anderson on 1/22/2019 6:00:00 PM

Click here for the PowerPoint from the Open House for rising 6th graders on January 17, 2019.


Frequently asked questions from open house:

  • Do you offer before or after school care?
    • No, we do not offer before or after school care
  • Do you have a Junior Librarian Club? Or an ASL club?
    • We do not have either of these clubs, but you can see our full list of clubs on our website under the Students tab.
  • If you can’t take a left to get enter the school, how do we navigate into the school?
    • If you are coming down Ten-Ten Road, instead of taking a right onto Lufkin Road, turn right onto Reliance Avenue (right after the Sheetz). Take the next right onto Classic Road. This will bring you to Lufkin Road. Take a right onto Lufkin Road, and the school will be on your right.
  • Where do clothes go from the “Note in the Pocket” clothing drive?
  • Can students get high school credits from any of the classes?
    • Depending on what math class the student is in, they can get high school credit if they take Math 1 or higher. Students also have any opportunity to take 3 semesters of Spanish for high school credit
  • How can you change your track?
    • Contact Lisa Bannister, our data manager.
  • If a student is in AIG during elementary school, do they need to reapply?
    • No, the AIG status follows them to middle school. If they are coming from a different state, bring documentation of testing that took place in the other state and then we use that to identify them through reciprocity.
  • How can a 6th grader get into AIG in 6th grade?
    • A parent can make a request to be tested. There are two testing windows, one in the fall and one in the spring. Contact Lisa Adcock, our AIG teacher, to make a request.