• Welcome to Lufkin Road Middle School

    When Lightning Strikes, Great Things Happen

    Welcome, incoming 6th-grade families, to an exciting new chapter in your educational journey – middle school! We are thrilled to have you join our school community, and we understand that the transition from elementary to middle school can be both thrilling and a little daunting. Rest assured, our dedicated team of educators is here to support and guide your child through this important phase of their academic and personal development. At our middle school, we foster an environment that encourages curiosity, collaboration, and growth. From engaging classroom experiences to a variety of extracurricular activities, we are committed to providing a well-rounded education that nurtures not only academic excellence but also the social and emotional well-being of our students. Get ready for an adventure filled with new friendships, exciting challenges, and countless opportunities to discover your unique potential. Welcome to Lufkin Road Middle School family!

    - Elizabeth Hanna, Principal



    Lufkin Road Middle School is a Multi-tracked Middle School.  More specifically, we  are a 4 Tracked Year Round Calendar Middle school. Students are assigned to 1 of 4 tracks. Only 3 tracks are in session at any given time.   If your student is on tracks 1-3 they will start school on July 8th.  Track 4 starts on July 29th as Track 3 goes out. Then each track in reverse order tracks out for about 3 weeks or so.  The time that the students are in school is equivalent to the amount of  time traditional students are in school. You can access the 2024-205 school calendar by clicking here.  



    All students are assigned a locker and must purchase a lock from our PTA.  Locks are $8.  Please bring $8 exact cash on the first day of school to purchase a lock for the student’s locker.  While lockers and locks may be a new concept for 6th grade students, there’s nothing to worry about!  With your new lock in hand, watch this video to help your child learn how to open the lock. Practicing at home will help your child increase their ability to open their locker at school!



    You may find general information about Lufkin Road Middle School’s bus routes along with pickup and drop off locations at this link. Bus routes for next year will be updated much closer to the start of the year.  The district uses the Here Comes The Bus App.  This App helps you monitor the location of the bus.  If you choose to use the App, the district code is 67500.



    Morning and afternoon carpool follow the procedures listed in the picture below.  In the morning the line starts to unload when the 7:45AM bell rings.  Afternoon carpool starts at dismissal, which is 3:00PM.  Students line up along the sidewalk and watch for their ride to pick them up.  We ask that drivers refrain from using their cell phone while in the loop. Further, cars should pull all the way up to the sign so that we can load multiple cars at a time.  Students no longer have carpool numbers, as middle schoolers.  After the first couple of weeks of school, afternoon carpool is typically complete by 3:15, meaning that you should always plan to pick up your child prior to that time if you’re choosing to use carpool.



    During our school day we offer enrichment opportunities for students to participate in.  These are by grade and track and include things like: Walking, Bird Watching, Multicultural Dance, Board Games, Student Council, Chess, etc.  The enrichments that are offered change yearly based upon student and staff interest.  



    At Lufkin Road Middle School, we have a deeply held belief in the power of connection with our families.  In order to receive our regular communication, please be sure your PowerSchool contact information is accurate.  Our staff uses Talking Points, email, and phone to communicate with families.  In addition, our Principal sends out a weekly message, the BOLTS Broadcast, to families on Friday evenings at 5:00PM that also includes newsletters from each grade level track/team.  We also encourage families to follow us on Twitter/X for regular updates and pictures.



    Lunch at the middle school costs $3.50 and Breakfast costs $1.75. All students have the opportunity to eat both meals at school.  Our cafeteria staff also offers a variety of snacks for additional purchase.  You can apply for free/reduced lunch here.



    If you have questions about immunizations, please email Ms. Schmitt, our guidance technician at: dschmitt@wcpss.net.  She can answer your specific questions.



    We have a new band conductor who started with us in the 2023-2024 school year and has already established the Lufkin Road Middle School band program to be one of the top in the County.  If you have interest in participating in our band , click here. Students are expected to rent or purchase an instrument when they join the band.  There will be an instrument trial night on May 15th at 4:15 pm. This event is designed to help students choose an instrument that is best suited to them. 



    Lufkin Road Middle School has an active PTA.  Families cannot become a member until the new school year, but are encouraged to not only join, but to also serve as a Board member.  We welcome our familys’ involvement in our school community!



    As a reminder, when you are unsure of who to contact about specific situations, allow this quick list to be a support:

    • Assignments, grading practices, content questions, class environment, peer concerns - Classroom Teachers
    • Schedule questions, mental health, family emergencies - Counselors
    • Staff concerns, student issues teachers couldn’t resolve, grade level questions - Assistant Principals
    • Absences, attendance - attendance484@wcpss.net 
    • Concerns that Assistant Principals were unable to resolve - Principal

    For your reference, the names and emails of the aforementioned staff members for the 2024-2025 school year (this is different than the current school year, because our counselors loop with our students) are:


    Social Worker

    Alexandria (Alex) Mumford


    6th Grade Counselor

    Cynthia Alcorn


    6th Grade Assistant Principal

    Keith McLendon


    7th Grade Counselor

    Thomas Evanoff


    7th Grade Assistant Principal

    Tameka Manning


    8th Grade Counselor

    Marta Barbian


    8th Grade Assistant Principal

    Lisa Adcock



    Elizabeth Hanna




    We believe all students deserve to have a safe learning environment and that middle schoolers benefit from being taught expectations about how we ‘work’ within our school.  To help facilitate this, we have created a behavior system that reinforces our expectations within our school. This  system among other things promotes respectful and responsible conduct.  Our BOLTS program is the cornerstone of our positive behavior program.  Your rising 6th grader will learn a lot about our BOLTS program within the first couple of weeks of school!




    If/When your child is going to be absent, in lieu of a paper note, send an email to attendance484@wcpss.net.  You will need to state your child’s name, grade, track, and reason for absence.  Please include your child’s teachers so they know about the absence.  Using an email allows us to maintain more accurate attendance than relying on Middle School students to turn notes in within 2 school days of an absence.


    You may find more information about excused and unexcused absences at this link.



    While 6th graders are not eligible to be school athletes in WCPSS, they are encouraged to participate in being a team manager.  This is a great way to develop leadership skills and participate in the athletic arena.



    At the start of the school year, our BOLTS Broadcast will share with you how to become a WCPSS volunteer.  We encourage you to do so, as there are many opportunities to serve within our school!  As the process can take several weeks, it is best to complete it at the start of the year so you know when something comes up that you want to volunteer for, you’re able to do so!  This is a yearly process, so even if you’re a current volunteer, you will need to do the process again next school year.