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Our 25th Anniversary Celebration

On April 17, the Olive Chapel Elementary community held a 25th Anniversary Celebration. Special guests were greeted and given a tour of the beautiful school. This was followed by a ceremony in which Principal Erin May and Inaugural Principal Jan Hargrove welcomed guests and reflected on their school community.
Special guests included Superintendent Catty Moore, Board Chair Lindsay Mahaffey, Southwestern Area Superintendent Jonathan Enns, and Mayor of Apex Jacques Gilbert. Several former principals and assistant principals were also in attendance. Students participated in a schoolwide parade where the Apex Friendship High Band and Dance Team performed.
From the event program: “What makes a great school? It begins with staff and community that all align to a shared vision. And it is made up of traditions and beliefs that are important to a positive school culture. Each of you here today is a part of our community; you’re a part of what makes Olive Chapel so special. We hope you will continue your support of Olive Chapel for the next 25 years and beyond as we work to nurture this school and every student who walks through its doors.”