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Computational Thinking

Our students learn to collect data, break it down, analyze it, look for patterns, and find creative and innovative ways to solve problems. This thinking approach, borrowed from the field of Computer Science, is practiced in all subject areas, and it provides students with tools and skills to use in all aspects of their lives, even beyond academics. Learn more about computational thinking, and continue scrolling down this page to learn how it is incorporated at RCMMS.

Computational Thinking

        Why CT?
 Why Computational Thinking?



At Reedy Creek, computational thinking is everywhere. You can see it being practiced in our classrooms and represented visually in our hallways.

CT Wall and Poster

Our teachers have had intensive training on computational thinking, use of digital tools, and coding in the classroom. This professional development has built upon and incorporated teachers' subject area expertise so that computational thinking is interwoven seamlessly into all curricula.

Teacher professional development has included in-depth work with The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation since our magnet program's inception. Learn more about our collaboration at our Research Practice Partnership website.