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LRHS Tardy Policy 2024 - 1/10/24


Dear Pride Families,


Starting today, January 10th, 2024, we will be implementing a new tardy policy.  This policy is to ensure that all students are in their proper locations and ready to learn in a timely manner.  All students have been reminded they have two minutes to make it to their class after the warning bell rings. Once the start bell rings, students should already be in their classes, preparing  to learn.  Any student who is late arriving to class, must receive a pass from a tardy pass location before entering the classroom.   Students may obtain a tardy pass in the main lobby of both the main building and the Murphy building, 2nd floor of the main building, and by student services.   Staff members working these locations will ask students' ID number, along with their first and last name, and write them a pass for them to enter their class.  There is an expectation of compliance and mutual respect when attending one of these stations.   Please note that consequences applied for excessive tardiness will include, but are not limited to the following:


  • A daily email will be sent to parents and students, starting second semester, documenting tardies to each class. Tardies are being recorded during our "soft launch" as we fine-tune our systems. 

  • An alpha administrator will contact you if your student receives 3 tardies to a single class period.

  • A single period of ALC will be assigned if your student receives 6 tardies to a single class period.

  • One full day of ISS will be assigned if your student receives 9 tardies to a single class period.

  • Two full days of ISS will be assigned if your student receives 12 tardies to a single class.

  • Additional consequences, such as a short-term revocation of off-campus passes and/or parking passes, may be applied if a student receives 15+ tardies to a single class period. 


Remember that the primary goal is to create a safe, positive, and productive learning environment. An effective tardy policy can contribute to this by fostering a sense of responsibility and respect for everyone's time in the classroom.