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Principal's Message Regarding Pinecrest Property Owner Concerns - 12/13/23

To: Parents / Students of Leesville Road High School

RE: Student Behavior in the Community

Good evening, Pride Families, 

             Just recently, we spoke w/ the property owner of the Pinecrest Shopping Center on Leesville Road.  To give you a point of reference, some local businesses in this shopping center would be Food Lion, Pita Bowl, Manchesters, etc.  The property owner is upset that school students (mainly high school-aged) use their property for inappropriate behaviors.  The behaviors include, but are limited to,  breaking fencing/glass bottles, graffiti, speeding, playing football, and starting fires.  These are just a few of the inappropriate behaviors happening on their property.  Most of these behaviors occur during lunch & after school hours.  They are fixing these problems, and it's costly for the property owner.  As a result, they have no choice but to report these incidences to the Raleigh Police Department & press charges on any caught individuals.

             Please help your student(s) understand that they are responsible for their behaviors/actions when they are in public & away from their family.  LRHS will work jointly with our community partners & law enforcement to identify any possible Leesville Road High School students.  A secondary consequence for Leesville Road High School students found guilty of these behaviors (occurring during school hours) or school lunch may have off-campus passes revoked (for a period of time).

             LRHS has extraordinary community support, and we want to ensure that we are attentive to the needs of our extended family.  We appreciate your continued support of our school. 


Principal Jacobs and Assistant Principal McLeanLeesville Road High School