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Theme Night False Information Message

Leesville Road High School families, 


Misinformation is circulating in our school community regarding our Theme Night for Friday night’s football playoff game. I would like to provide clarification for you.


First, please know that everyone who attends the game will be welcome, regardless of the colors they choose to wear.


Traditionally and informally, students and other fans who choose to do so have worn green as part of an unofficial “Green Out” theme to show school spirit during playoff games. This tradition arose from the student body and has never been sanctioned by the administration.


Some students have indicated a desire to wear patriotic colors on Friday. A staff member apparently and incorrectly indicated that anyone wearing colors other than green would be denied entrance into the game and risk suspension from school. Let me assure you that this is not the case.


Again, we will gladly welcome fans regardless of the colors of the attire they choose to wear, whether they symbolize support of our school or our nation. We want the best support for our football team possible, regardless of attire.


I encourage you to please help us in dispelling this misinformation, and we look forward to a great game on Friday!




Ian Solomon, Principal