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Graduation Ceremony Adjustments




This is Ian Solomon, Principal of Leesville Road High School with an important message regarding changes to our commencement ceremonies.


Due to the weather forecast over the next two days, we must adjust our graduation ceremonies.  Please know we do this with consideration for the uncertainty of the weather, with keeping families' plans in place, and while respecting the needs of working parents and students.  We are aware that this will cause some inconveniences but feel that this is the best plan for all so that everyone can prepare with the most advance notice possible.  As we work through this, because of COVID restrictions still in place, especially within buildings, every person involved will have to adjust in some manner, whether a graduate, a graduate's guests, or the faculty and staff.


With that in mind, please carefully read the new breakdown of events. We are relying on graduates and families to follow this new schedule that we feel is least disruptive for everyone.  More details will be forthcoming. To be efficient with the preparation time left available, please trust that these details will answer all of your questions once released later tonight. 


For those scheduled to graduate Thursday evening, we will now split into two ceremonies in the gym, still on Thursday evening, one at 6 PM and one at 8 PM:  6 PM:  A - F,              8 PM G - M

For those scheduled to graduate Friday morning, that will now be split into two ceremonies in the gym, still on Friday morning, one at 9 AM and one at 11 AM:    9 AM:  A - R,               11 AM S- Z   (This  A - R incorporates students who took an exam Thursday and therefore must graduate Friday.)

For those scheduled to graduate in the POD ceremony, the 11 AM POD will now graduate in a 1 PM POD.  The 11:30 AM POD will now graduate in a 1:30 PM POD.  1 PM POD names           1:30 PM  POD names


Because all events will now be held in the gym, all graduates, guests, and faculty must wear a mask at all times. 


Thank you for your grace as we plan the final details. Stay tuned to the website and principal's updates, and let's prepare to celebrate the Class of 2021.



Thank you for supporting Leesville Road High School as we take PRIDE in everything we do!