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Principal's Weekly Message - 5/31/2021



This is Ian Solomon, Principal of Leesville Road High School sharing the latest news and upcoming events.




Graduation 2021 Update

WCPSS has eased capacity restrictions for graduation events. This now allows each LRHS graduate participating in a ceremony (the large ceremony and the pod ceremony) to receive SIX tickets rather than four to both the Assembly and Commencement ceremonies.  You do not need to do anything to receive the two extra tickets; the graduate will simply receive them in the ticket envelope with the original four.  There is also no need to fill out another guest information form for the extra tickets. Remember that all guests, no matter their age, must have a ticket to enter the ceremony. 

To receive tickets on Monday, June 7 at rehearsal, all books, ChromeBooks, hotspots, materials, and uniforms must be returned or paid for by Friday, June 4. If all items are not returned or if fines/fees have not been paid, the graduate must return to school to clear those items and then receive their tickets.  If you need to pay a fine/fee, here are the links to do so: LOST TEXTBOOKS or LOST LIBRARY BOOKS.  If the senior needs a computer or hotspot for an exam, they should return it immediately after finishing their exam and can then receive their tickets. 

The gates to the stadium will open one hour prior to each ceremony.  Once the graduates begin their processional march, all guests' entry into the stadium will be halted to allow for the graduates to process.  Therefore, please make sure you have arrived and are seated in time for the start of the ceremony.  Each graduation ceremony will last no longer than one hour.  The ceremonies will not be live-streamed but will be posted for viewing by Friday, June 11 at 1 PM. 

We cannot stress enough that graduates and families should make themselves familiar with the events of June 7 - 11 regarding rehearsal, receiving tickets, and correct attire with the cap and gown.  The Graduation Bulletin linked HERE can provide you with all this information. 

All scholarships and military commitments must be submitted by Tuesday, June 1 at this link HERE to be announced at the June 8 Senior Assembly.  




Class of 2021 Spotlights

Last year’s abrupt ending has established what I hope will be a continued tradition for seniors. In celebration of this year’s graduates, I would like to post a picture of each Senior to our website and social media pages. In addition, a short, two sentence description of what their future plans after graduation are will need to accompany the photo. This slideshow will run through June 30. Please send submissions to




Meningococcal Vaccine Requirement

Juniors (Rising Seniors): As of 2020, state law requires all seniors to have a Meningitis Vaccination booster dose after the age of 16 before they begin their senior year. If you have not already, please submit a copy of your immunization via email to or via fax at 919-670-4408. This proof needs to be received before the first day of the 2021-22 school year.




Hotspot and Device Turn-in

All students who have hot spots checked out from WCPSS must return them on or before June 10.  Hot spots can be returned to the main office of LRHS Monday - Friday between 7 am and 3 pm.  Students who have Chromebooks checked out from WCPSS may keep them if they are planning to return to any WCPSS school in the fall.  Students who are graduating or leaving WCPSS must return their Chromebooks by June 10 as well.  If you have any questions about returning materials, please email Wendy Dragone ( or Erica Knightstep ( 




Social Studies Requirement Update For Rising Sophomores Only (repeat)

AP Government and Politics can now satisfy the graduation requirement of US & NC Civic Literacy which is the new 10th grade Social Studies Course.  If you are a rising sophomore and would rather take AP Government and Politics instead of US & NC Civic Literacy, use the email to request this change in your course selections for 2021-2022. This only applies to current rising sophomores. This is not an option for rising juniors and seniors.




Course Selection Changes (repeat)

We would like to offer students a final opportunity before the end of the school year to request adjustments to their course selections for next school year.  Adjustments in the fall will be difficult to honor. To make an adjustment follow these steps: 

  1. Login to your PowerSchool Account.
  2. Click on the Class Registration Icon in the left column.
  3. This is where you can review your course selections for next year, primary and alternates. 
  4. Send an email to and list which classes you wish to drop from your 8 main selections and which classes you wish to add to your 8 main course selections.
  5. This may be a request to move to the Honors or AP Level of a core class.
  6. Often the class you wish to move to one of your 8 main classes will be from your alternate selections.
  7. You may review the 2021-2022 Couse list here:
  8. The deadline to make this request is May 28.




Textbook and Supply Collection

Our final textbook and supply collection event will be held Thursday, June 3. Collection will begin at 3:30 pm and end at 5:30 pm. To make things run smoothly, please adhere to the following:


  • Have your student check with their teacher(s) to see if a book or supplies is needed for the class.
  • All traffic should approach campus from Country Trail, making a right turn into the Carpool lane at the front of the school.
  • Prepare an information sheet prior to arriving to campus that you will show attendants with the following:

            -Your student’s first and last name

            - Course Name and description (i.e., Honors Chemistry, AP Calculus, World History etc.)

            -Teacher’s last name for the course

  • Remain in your vehicle and a staff member will assist you.




AP Exam Information-Time Sensitive (repeat)

Information about preparing for AP Digital Exams has been sent to students several times in the last month and will continue to be sent.   It has also been shared with their AP teachers.  It is very important that students check the email they are using for their College Board Account for an email from Mr. Greene about steps that are required to get ready for AP Digital Exams.  The time sensitive information can be found here:  The AP Exam schedule can be found here:  Students must complete the required steps for AP Digital Exams before their exam day or they will have issues with being able to test.  Paper-Pencil tests will be given in the same format as previous years. 




Attendance for Students on AP Exam days (repeat)

Students will be marked present for all their classes on the days they have AP exams, either digital tests from home or a paper and pencil test in the school building. They do not have to attend class on these days but can if they wish to.




Senior Survey (repeat)

This survey needs to be completed by every Senior by June 1.




Scholarship/Military Recognition (repeat)

This form should be completed by any senior by June 1 who has received scholarship offers or is planning to enlist in the military.




Spring Semester Exam Information (repeat)

The following link provides you with important information regarding second semester exam scheduling and protocols.




Leesville Road High School COVID-19 Guidance (repeat)

With the return to daily in-person instruction, the following guidance provides us a framework to ensure that we remain in school. Guidance is also provided on how students will continue to engage in learning in the event they are required to quarantine due to a confirmed case or exposure to a confirmed case of COVID-19.


  • Practice the 3w’s
  • Always wear your masks when inside the building and not eating during lunch. (Students can talk during lunch but must have their masks on.)
  • Wash and sanitize hands as often as possible.
  • Wait and allow adequate social distancing as you pass through the hallways.


  • When to stay home

Students should not be in school if they are diagnosed with COVID-19, exposed to someone with COVID-19, instructed to quarantine, or if they are sick and experiencing any of these symptoms:

  • 4 fever or higher
  • Sore throat
  • New Cough
  • New shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • New severe headache


  • Student access to instructional activities when under quarantine

If you are notified by WCPSS Health Services of the need to have your student quarantine, please reach out to your student’s teachers who will provide you guidance on how to stay on track academically. All teachers are expected to maintain their Google Classroom sites that provide assignments and upcoming due dates. Also, when teachers are notified of your student’s status, they will provide you and your student Google Link information to access live instruction. Please be aware that this live instruction will likely be provided by someone other than your child’s teacher. However, they are covering the same general content and your student will still have the ability to communicate with their own teacher via email, agreed upon office hours, etc.  to maintain as much continuity as possible.




Graduation 2021 (repeat)

 Leesville's 2021 graduation ceremonies will be held Thursday, June 10 at 6 PM and Friday, June 11 at 9 AM in Marshall Hamilton Stadium on the Leesville campus.  Graduates with last names A-M (except for those taking a June 10 AP Exam) will have their commencement ceremony on Thursday, June 10 at 6 PM. All graduates with last names N-Z (as well as those taking the June 10 AP Exam with last names A - M) will have their commencement ceremony on June 11 at 9 AM.  The rain date (as needed for either or both ceremonies) will be Friday, June 11. More detailed information will be forthcoming in the next few weeks, but all senior parents should plan on a Google Meet parent information session in mid-May. Please stay abreast of all information on the All Things 2021 page as well as Mrs. Dinkenor's postings on Twitter (@hdinkenor). 




Thank you for your continued support of Leesville Road High School, where we take PRIDE in everything we do.