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Principal's Weekly Message - 10/5/20




This is Ian Solomon, Principal of Leesville Road High School sharing the latest news and upcoming events.



Yearbook Information

We’re here to share some exciting news with you regarding the 2021 yearbook. Yes, we are having a yearbook, and guess what? You’re officially on the yearbook staff! Yes, you read that right! This year, more than ever, we ask that you join us. This is going to be an unbelievable book and one that will be treasured forever.

What are some ways you could help us achieve this task? Consider:

-Follow us on Social Media. We will post invites to share your pictures on various topics. Just use this link to send us photos.

-When you see an email regarding the yearbook, open it! Complete the form requesting information and pictures. Easy! 


-If you or a parent you know takes pictures at student events, please let us know. We want to feature every student in various aspects of their life.  Look for those moments when they are just playing with their pet, working in their virtual learning space, playing their instrument, or enjoying a family meal. Other options include students participating in sports outside of school, virtual club meetings or events, theatre performances, art projects or just candids of your kids. You get it! Send us pictures of everything so your student can be included.

This yearbook is unique in that it will be created by the whole school. Thank you in advance for being a part of this historic year.  Don’t forget to reserve your copy at or call 1.877.767.5217.  The book is on sale for the lowest price of the year until 10/23. 





Underclassmen Pictures

School pictures for ninth through eleventh graders can be taken on campus Thursday, October 8 and Friday, October 9 in the Multi-Purpose Room located in the Murphy Building. Parking will be available in the Student Parking lot. For additional information go to and use the Picture Day ID EVT9WQ4WH. To book your session; Please use the following link: 




Textbook and Supply Distribution (repeat)

Our next textbook and supply distribution event will be held Thursday, October 8. Distribution will begin at 3 pm and end at 5:30 pm. To make things run smoothly, please adhere to the following:


  • Have your student check with their teacher(s) to see if a book or supplies is needed for the class.
  • All traffic should approach campus from Country Trail, making a right turn into the Carpool lane at the front of the school.
  • Prepare an information sheet prior to arriving to campus that you will show attendants with the following:

-Your student’s first and last name

- Course Name and description (i.e. Honors Chemistry, AP Calculus, World History etc.)

-Teacher’s last name for the course

  •  Remain in your vehicle and a staff member will assist you.




Thank you for your continued support of Leesville Road High School, where we take PRIDE in everything we do.