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Principal's Weekly Message - 8/12/2019




This is Ian Solomon, Principal of Leesville Road High School sharing the latest news and upcoming events.



New Daily Instructional Schedule

The 2019-2020 Bell Schedule is now posted on our website under the About our School tab. This new schedule was developed in response to concerns expressed to me by the faculty that serves your student daily. This new schedule also addresses the concerns shared with me by representative groups of students and parents regarding our previous schedule. The key features of the new schedule are as follows:

  • Students will still be able to receive academic assistance from staff during lunch as needed.
  • Most of our clubs will be able to meet during the school day.
  • The new schedule allows teachers to more effectively meet the academic needs of ALL students.
  • Students will still have a minimum of forty-seven minutes (including transition time) for lunch daily.
  • The new schedule enhances the ability of the faculty and staff to provide an orderly and safe learning environment.



Driver’s Education Information

Fall Driver Ed Information is scheduled to be posted mid-to-late August for the fall classroom options.  In addition, you can check the Jordan Driving School (JDS) website or holiday and Saturday options and then apply directly through JDS.  LRHS spring 2020 dates will be provided later.  There will be one 10-day session per month for September, October, November, and December.  We will not have a January class, but will register & schedule February - May 2020 around October. Fall students do not begin BTW until all WCPSS Summer students have driven.


  • Please refer to for the fall classroom information, the current registration form, and class session dates which will list September, October, November, and December 2019.  After school times are 2:30-5:30 and you must provide your own transportation by 5:45 each of the 10 days of class.  
  • Students will be placed in a class according to age, oldest to youngest, based on the registration forms that are received.  Students must be at least 14.5 years of age on the first day of the class.  
  • Students should submit the completed registration form to the LRHS main office; notifications regarding class placement will be made via email. You can email a copy but follow up to the main office with a hard copy via your student.  
  • Please provide all registration information legibly and in ink in order to facilitate notification via your email address.  Once you are assigned a class, you will be notified how to pay the $65.00 fee.  
  • Email if you need additional information that is not available on the Jordan Driving School website.   Do NOT phone or email the LRHS main office.  Thank you!  



Open House

Open House will be open to all students and parents from 4 to 7 pm, also on Thursday, August 22. Previously, we were asking for returning students only. This is an informal event that allows visitors to come and meet teachers, receive important and relevant class information, and tour the campus at your leisure as opposed to a set schedule.




Calculators for Math Classes (repeat)

All math classes at Leesville Road High School will require the use of a graphing calculator. Graphing calculators are also required for all state final exams. While there are several models available, TI-84 Plus is the model used by our math teachers.  It is important to note that calculators with WiFi capability or QWERTY keyboards are not allowed on classroom quizzes or tests, state exams, or the ACT or SAT.  Please email Mrs. Arwood at if you have any questions. 




Pride Launch (repeat)

Thursday, August 22 all students and parents new to Leesville Road High School are invited to Pride Launch from 8 to 10:30 am.





Thank you for your continued support of Leesville Road High School, where we take PRIDE in everything we do.